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1 Week Detox Diet Plan Review

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7 Day detox diet plan – Bases

In order to do the 7 day detox diet right way, you should catch the very essence of the detox diet plan, which is based on proper combining of different foods.

There are two types of foods:

  1. Foods that are compatible – can be combined with one another
  2. Foods that are incompatible and can not be combined with one another

Our bodies experience great discomfort trying to adjust to the constantly changing types of foods we consume. It is especially difficult when we consume incompatible foods (for example: proteins and carbohydrates) such as meat and potatoes.

Stomach digestion of such foods leads to gases, which is the least of our problems…The more disturbing fact is that toxins are stored within our bodies – in different organs, in a different tissues, in different amounts, which leads to totally different and unpredictable consequences in the near or distant future.

So if one’s been eating incompatible foods throughout most of your life then, no wonder why, Day 1 of the 7 day detox diet plan will feel like the most unpleasant experience since the last time you had fever. (YES, that’s right. Day 1 of the 1 week detox diet felt like fever to me.)

All stored toxins are released into one’s bloodstream and are being excreted through skin (sweat) and other body fluids. (I felt like my skin hurts.)

Don’t get scared. It doesn’t happen every time someone starts the 7 day detox plan and it lasts only for a couple of hours. You can avoid it if you drink more liquids – juices, water and tea as recommended on Day 1 of the free detox diet for a week.

Being on 1 week detox diet will make you feel lighter than ever

From Day 2 on you will start losing weight just like promised – 1 pound a day (you will be nearly half a kilogram lighter everyday)

Food combinations and meal preparations

The main foods allowed to consume are not extraordinary – potatoes, rice, fruits, macaroni, vegetables and Day 7 – meat. Who doesn’t like those, right?

Yes, of course they are not traditionally cooked thus their taste differs from the taste one has used to. But you should never forget that’s for the best and optimum results.

! Remember: Those meals with law or no fat, no salt, no sugar are healthier than everything you have tasted before. Saying that sounds like all healthy meals are tasteless – that’s neither completely true, nor wrong. There should be balance in everything you eat and drink.

When and whom is it recommended to?

I recommend 1 Week detox diet plan in case of:

  • long period of overeating
  • digestive system problems
  • unwanted weight gain
  • or simply if you need couple of days for internal body cleansing

I do not recommend the 7 day detox diet to heavy overweight people. Although they can lose weight, it is very likely for them to get the jojo side effect after the diet – gaining extra weight.

In conclusion

1 Week detox diet plan is a low calorie diet that portions out the different kinds of foods. Your daily portion includes only one kind of food and for the period of 7 days all basic foods are included.

As I mentioned in the beginning – it is not an easy to follow plan and the menu is strict. Your body is not used to take only one kind of food all day. During the very first day your system starts excrete toxins and body fluids, so you can feel a little discomfort.

You can stop repeating the diet as soon as you reach your desired weight.

!!! You can repeat the diet ONLY after at least one week of break. DO NOT repeat it for two consequent weeks !!!

Read on how to proceed once you finish the 1 week detox plan

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