10 of the Best Home Workout for Weight Loss

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home workout for weight loss

There are a lot of hardships that you will encounter when you’re on the road to lose weight but spending too much money shouldn’t be one of them.

Some people choose to do home workout for weight loss because it’s cheaper and more convenient. Home workouts can be effective in losing weight if you are determined to shed pounds and achieve your desired figure.

The truth is not everyone can afford gym memberships.

If you are on a tight budget but you feel like you really need to get rid of your excess fats, you can opt for home workouts since they can provide you the same advantages as your gym membership, minus the trainer.

Here are some of the best benefits that you can have if you choose to burn fats right inside the confines of your home

  • Helps save time

One of the benefits of home workout is the time that you save because you won’t have to commute or drive to and from the gym. Car gas that’s spent when taking the kids to school or going to work is expensive enough. You can spare yourself from all that trouble if you try working out at home.

  • Helps save money

If you’re going to add up all your gym membership fees in a year, you’ll be surprised by how expensive a membership really is. Tutorials of home workout for weight loss that you can get from the web or from a book won’t cost you a lot. The only major investments that you need to save up for if you’re really dedicated with your home workout plan are the gym equipment that you have to purchase.

  • Cleaner and Safe Environment

One of the downsides of working out at the gym is having to share the gym equipment with everyone else. Gym equipment can be unhygienic sometimes because different people use them every day. Illnesses and allergies may be passed on and the next thing you know, you’re wasting money again on meds and supplements.

Working out at home is also safer because you won’t have to deal with random people who want to hit on you or the possibility of some of your personal belongings, particularly your wallet, phone, and car keys, being stolen. Even if there are locker rooms in the gym, there is not a complete assurance that your valuables are always safe.

  • Privacy

It’s easier to do the home workout for weight loss routines because there are no prying eyes that are watching your moves and checking you out. Nosy people can be very uncomfortable and they are common in a fitness facility. If you are the type of person who is not used to socializing or showing off, then home workout is definitely for you.

  • Lesser Distractions

Home workouts give fewer distractions because unlike in the gym, your session won’t be interrupted by someone who’s waiting for his turn at the gym equipment or someone who just wants to talk. It makes you focus more on your home workout for weight loss routines.

  • Lesser Stress

Being on your own while working out gives you more thinking time and peace of mind. It allows you to channel all your problems into your workout without the interruption of a random gym buff or trainer.

  • You Can Change Your Own Pace

While most gym trainers are really helpful in making you lose pounds, there are some who are very rigorous with their training sessions. You don’t want a trainer that will push you very hard beyond your limits because it doesn’t really help motivate anyone. If you’re working out at home, you can follow a pace that you are comfortable with. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to exert effort, though. It just means that you’re working out hard because you like it and not because you’re being pressured.

Those are just some of the benefits when you opt to try home workout for weight loss. If you need a motivator that will spot your training, you can call a friend or a family member that will remind you of your progress. You can also buy DVDs that feature exercises you are comfortable doing so you’ll have a specific method to follow.

Working out at home allows you to experiment and try a variation of home exercises. Even if you don’t have gym equipment yet, there are still routines that will help you sweat out and tone your body.

List of home workout for weight loss that will help you melt away calories on your own


Pushups are very common as it is taught in school, at the gym, and even in workout tutorials. This routine doesn’t require a trainer, spotter, or equipment, thus making it easy to do. Pushups help you exercise your chest, abdomen, triceps, shoulders and your lower back. It’s effective in burning calories because it enables you to work your muscles, which results in body strengthening and fat-burning.


Assuming a plank position for a full 30 seconds helps stabilize your entire body and tone your abdominal muscles. This routine is hard to do without shaking that’s why you may call a family member to spot your workout or assist you while planking.


Pull-ups are hard to do but it’s a very good home workout for weight loss if you want to work your back, biceps, and abdominals while simultaneously building up your body’s endurance. You can do this routine for as long as you can endure the pain.

Bodyweight Squats

This routine is a great leg exercise and it also works your quadriceps and glutes. Squatting is an effective home workout for weight loss and it helps build up muscles faster than other routines can. The best type of squat that you can try is the Prisoner Squat, which requires both of your hands to be placed behind your head while you are squatting and maintaining the natural arch of your spine.


You might think this easy exercise has no challenge because it only requires you to stand with your back against a wall. This simple routine needs effort as your shoulders, wrists, and elbows need to be touching the wall constantly. It’s a great home workout for weight loss that mainly works your back and your central nervous system.


This is a very simple routine as you only need a stepstool or any elevated platform inside your house to be able to do this. This basic exercise works your knees and your leg muscles, and allows you to burn fats without you even noticing it.

Superman Back Extension

This is another example of a home workout for weight loss that may sound simple but is really challenging. This method requires you to lay flat on your stomach with your arms forward as if you’re a flying Superman. You need to slowly raise your legs along with your upper body off the floor to exercise abdominal and leg muscles.


home workout for weight loss bridgeBasically, this routine requires you to make a human bridge out of your own self. You need to lay flat on your back and then bend your knees while your feet are firmly attached to the ground. While making sure that you are keeping your back straight, raise your hips and lower your back to form a bridge.

Shoulder Press Pushup

This tried and tested routine can be done at home even without a mounted gym equipment to support your upper body. You can do the shoulder press pushup by using a bench or a short table. Simply place both feet on the bench or table and spread your palms flat on the floor. Raise your hips so you’ll appear vertical in the process. Lower your head to the floor then start with the pushups.

Household Chores

Home workout routines for weight loss aren’t limited to gym exercises. The cheapest and easiest home workout plan are the daily household chores that you ought to do for your house. A simple activity can be turned into a workout just as long as you’re applying the basic workout routines while you’re doing your tasks:

  • Try using ankle and wrist weights while you’re mopping or using the vacuum so you’ll still be working your arms and legs.
  • You can also try doing squats when you’re folding the laundry.

There are so many different ways that you can apply basic exercises to your everyday housework. It’s all about dedication and the passion to achieve a healthy and desirable body.

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  1. Hi great article!! for my home workouts the exercises that I try do all the time are mountain climbers, planks that are very effective, pushups is one the best and most common ones I always do them in my home workouts also I try some suicides drills that are very exhausting but very effective and for the back exercises I do the pullups in my bedroom using my closet jajajaj and I agree that it is a matter of dedication and passion for getting the body that you want.

    Thanks for the article

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