10 Myths and Facts about Cellulite

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MYTH №1 Cellulite is caused by the toxins in the body

10 myths and facts about celluliteDespite the claims stamped on labels of some anti-cellulite products, that they fight cellulite by smoothing orange peel skin through extracting toxins from the body, they are not true. There is no hard science evidence that cellulite is caused by toxins and the efficiency of such anti-cellulite creams, gels, oils, etc. is quite questionable.

In fact cellulite has nothing to do with toxins.

In point of fact cellulite is caused by fat deposits, i.e. they squeeze through the layers of the connective tissue under the skin. The most visible and often affected areas are the buttocks and thighs; sometimes – the upper arms, and least visible areas – the stomach. To get penetrated like that, the connective tissue could have been weakened by various factors such as lack of muscle tone due to no exercising, excess body fat due to overweight, even hormones and poor blood circulation (by the opinion of dermatologist Cheryl Karcher, MD).

№2 Women tend to have more cellulite than men – FACT

men vs womenWe are all well aware of the fact that women tend to have more fat around hips and thighs. Thus, combined with the loosen support of the connective tissue in those areas, the orange peel syndrome unsightly effect is revealed.

Nearly 90% of women worldwide do have problems with cellulite, compared to the negligible 10% of men. That’ because men’s connective tissue in the same areas is much stronger and supportive, and does not allow fat to get through so easily.

№3 Cellulite gets worse with aging – FACT

Hormones do play a role in cellulite appearance. With aging fewer and fewer estrogen’s been produced and the estrogen (women’s hormone) is responsible for good blood circulation. Less estrogen results in bad circulation, poor production of collagen, which leads to breakdown of the, so important to stay strong, connective tissue.

№4 Cellulite is a genetic condition – FACT

Cellulite is a genetic conditionIf your mother, grandmother, and great grandmother used to have cellulite (although the last one about the great grandmother could be extremely hard to prove 😉 then it is highly probable for you to have it as well. May be at 15, may be at 30, who knows, but the risk is higher if cellulite runs in your family.

Even if you’re genetically predisposed to orange peel syndrome, don’t put much weight on that due to fact that genes play a very small part in cellulite occurrence compared to the much bigger roles of proper healthy diet, regular exercising and healthy weight maintenance.

№5 Cellulite is a problem only for overweight people – MYTH

As I mentioned in Tip #4, if cellulite runs in your family, even if you are slim and in shape, eat healthily and go to gym regularly, you still can have it at certain age. No woman is 100% save!

It’s a fact though that orange peel skin is much more visible in overweight persons. Explanation is simple – the more the fat, the higher the risk of fat deposits to penetrate the weak connective tissue thus the dimpled appearance of the skin at the problem areas around thighs and buttocks, sometimes even upper arms and stomach.

№6 Exercise could help you get rid of cellulite – FACT

Well, not at 100%, but at least regular exercising could slow down its appearance or even prevent it. What type of exercises you might ask…

Yoga is perfect to fight cellulite. There are 3 easy yoga poses that fight cellulite (but more on this later). Yoga poses for thighs and hips may work miracles for your cellulite skin.

№7 Anti-cellulite creams smooth orange peel skin – MYTH

anti-cellulite-creamsBad news ladies, despite what their labels say, there is no anti-cellulite cream that can cure cellulite completely and permanently 🙁

Good news – there is temporary solution for your cellulite problem. Studies show some retinol contained products, applied on problem areas, might actually work to thicken the skin. Thus it’s more like covering the problem than solving it, but after all something is better than nothing, right?

№8 Some non invasive cellulite treatments do work – FACT

Cellulite is not considered medical condition, so not only dermatologists can help you. Although, they’d be a good place to start, you could turn to a non-medical professionals involved in fighting cellulite. Such professionals could be masseurs, beauticians, medical spas specialist.

Some massage techniques, laser treatments, radio frequency and spa therapies did major breakthrough in battle with cellulite for the last decade. Although they offer only good temporal effect, that last from 6 to 12 months, they are much more preferred for quick short-term results in the cellulite fight. YES, they are more effective than anti-cellulite creams, but are more expensive and require dedication (some procedures take a dozen of sessions to improve the firmness of the affected skin areas).

№9 Eating right also helps get rid of cellulite – FACT

By being on a healthy diet won’t help directly remove orange peel skin, but indirectly. What I mean is:

  • when you eat healthily you
  • keep your body fit and in shape, and also
  • keep your arteries clean and your blood circulation good.

All these are necessary factors for preventing or slowing cellulite appearance. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water (especially during summer). Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in water and fiber rich foods:

  • Cucumbers come to my mind immediately – more that 90% water, right 😉
  • Tomatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Celery
  • Radishes
  • Green peppers
  • Watermelon
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Strawberries, etc.

№10 Smoking accelerates cellulite appearance – FACT

Smoking accelerates cellulite appearanceSmoking is well known to be one of the biggest enemies of beautiful and firm skin. So no wonder why we find it here as one of the factors for cellulite appearance.

Smoking worsens blood circulation by lowering collagen formation. Thus connectivity tissue becomes weak and fat easily penetrates problems areas, causing cellulite appearance.

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