3 Things You Should Not Do On A Hot Sunny Day

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3 things you should not do on a hot sunny day

There are 3 very important things you should not do on a hot sunny day:

1. don’t forget to drink water
2. don’t wear tight clothes
3. don’t spent more than 15 minutes under direct sunlight

Otherwise some unexpected and bad things might happen … like what I experienced today:

Something very unpleasant happened to me today.
I got struck with heat apoplexy.
It wasn’t as serious as it sounds, but the truth is – I felt weakness for 2 -3 hours after I got back home in the late afternoon. I am OK now, but it was very foolish of me not to drink water… and wearing those skinny jeans and uncomfortable high platform sandals..

Back home I realized I did spend the hottest hours of the day driving in my car or at the brightest sun taking photos of some beautiful scenery. Amazing, I didn’t feel a thing at the time, but later on … I felt like jellyfish and barely managed to drink a few glasses of water and make myself some tea (and coffee – sorry I know it’s dehydrating but I can’t live without it).

Things You Should Not Do On A Hot Sunny Day

1. Don’t forget to drink water – lots and lots of water would be best

That’s what most weight loss diets recommend. Others, on the other hand, don’t pay much attention to water and emphasize more on eating healthy foods.

I’m not sure if you realize that sometimes you can overeat because you are dehydrated.  Yep, foods contain liquids, your body needs liquids – so overeating with healthy foods is not excluded, either.

What you can do is the following:

  • If you feel thirsty – drink water. There is no way to drink too much, the common case is drinking too low (my case today)
  • If you feel hungry – drink water and wait 5 minutes. If you are OK – no more food cravings then you’ve truly been thirsty.
  • If you feel hungry – drink water and wait 5 minutes. If you still feel hunger then you should eat. Whether a juicy fruit, or some sort of a healthy meal – it depends on the diet plan you are on.

Unfortunately today I did not drink enough water and didn’t have a juicy fruit at hand that is way I felt weakness and dehydrated for hours later.

2. Don’t wear tight clothes and uncomfortable shoes

I know, I know – everyone knows those advices, even I do, but yet I disobeyed them today and suffered a few hours because of the sunstroke. I assume no details are needed here.

Just the bottom line:

  • Do not ever wear tight clothes
  • Do not ever wear uncomfortable shoes – because it’s worse enough already that you are hot, sweaty and thirsty, but to feel your feet sore is just too much.

3. Don’t spend too much time under the sun without a hat or sunglasses – staying in the shadows, if possible, would be great

The more time you spend outside at bright day light, the higher the risks of:

  • Getting a sunstroke – everyone is exposed – no exceptions here
  • Getting a heart stroke – mostly middle-aged people but nowadays even some younger people are at stake, too
  • Blood pressure fluctuations – ups and downs in blood pressure  are not pleasant at any age
  • Blood sugar dropping – all dieters at low carb diets (and not only low carb, but any diet that excludes any food group from its meal plan) are at stake here

In Conclusion

Don’t do like me today and you will bear smoothly and without troubles the remaining summer heat.

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