30 Days Squat Challenge vs. 31 Days Squat Challenge Plan

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Getting your butt ready for the beach? Bikini season is already here, almost at its height, and really there is not much time to get in shape and make your butt firmer. So, take either one of the squat challenges described below and you’ll be ready within a month – just in the height of the summer bikini season.

Will you take Weight Loss Advisor’s summer 2014 holiday challenge?

30 Days Squat Challenge

30 Days Squat Challenge Volunteers Wanted

The 30 Days Squat challenge is a simple home workout exercise plan, where you do a set number of squats each day and take a rest after every 3 consecutive days.

On Day 1 you start with a set number of 50 squats and gradually increase the number of squats until you reach Day 30 of the plan with the maximum number of 250 squats.

31 days squat challenge

31 Days Squat Challenge volunteers wanted

The 31 Days Squat challenge plan has 3 major differences from the 30 days plan:

  1. First – it has one extra day
  2. Second – Day 1 starts with a different squats count (30 instead of 50 squats)
  3. Third – the set number of squats each day is increased much more slowly and gradually compared to the 30 days Challenge.

Otherwise the exercise plan is the same – 3 days of squatting and one day to rest. The maximum number of squats reached is also the same – 250 squats.

Which holiday challenge to choose?

Well, honestly I don’t see any other major differences (except for the ones listed above). Whichever squat challenge plan you pick is not of such great importance. What matters is – you should get serious and start squatting regularly. Stick to the plan you choose and don’t miss a day hoping to make up for the squats count on the next day. That would ruin your efforts so far and most likely would mean you don’t deserve the sexy bikini body you desire.

Tips and Tricks on how to successfully complete our squat challenge

Squats are a compound exercise, working the upper legs and the glutes. Therefore the quadriceps muscles and gluteus maximus (the ones doing the largest amount of work during squatting) are more likely to get sore. And excessive squat workouts (such as those holiday challenge plans) could strain muscles not only of the legs and butt. Soreness can occur in upper and lower back, even shoulders and upper arms (arms are extended during squats exercising (remember?))

  1. Quick tip to avoid muscle strains

No matter how sporty you might feel, it is highly likely to get muscle strains after Day 1 of either squat challenge plans. Take an anti-inflammatory medication after the workout. You’ll be as good as new on the following day. Fit and ready to continue our squat challenge.

  1. Do your squats in the morning

As soon as you roll out of bed, make a coffee and/or grab a healthy snack like some sort of season’s fruit – you’ll be ready to do the squats. Get sweaty, burn some calories and tighten those thighs and butt. Don’t forget to drink water after the workout. Then take a shower and you’ll be ready to face your everyday challenges.

  1. NO heavy breakfast before workout and NO late evening workout

Choose light and healthy foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It would be pointless to stuff yourself like a Thanksgiving turkey with a rich breakfast and then do the squatting. Late evening or night workouts are also not recommended. After a stressful day at work a late evening squat exercise would be a great stress reliever, but don’t expect your butt and thighs to get firmer quickly.

P.S. I promise you that – even on the Day 7 of your Squat Challenge you will start noticing the results – more tight and firm butt and thighs.

GOOD LUCK Everyone!

See you in 30 or 31 days to report results.

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