8 Alkaline Diet Weight Loss Tips

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alkaline diet weight loss tips

Some popular weight loss tips every decent dietitian knows and recommends, but the majority of people do not care about why they work.

These alkaline diet weight loss tips should be kept very strictly especially while you are following the diet plan. They are designed to support the alkaline diet, but they are so good and beneficial that you can use them even if you are not on the diet.

Tip 1 – Drink, Drink, Drink Water

For successful weight loss it’s crucial to stay hydrated all the time. Water and oxygen (water is oxygen – H2O remember?) are the two most important elements our bodies can’t work without. As a whole the chemistry processes within us can’t function properly without water.

Water is Life

How much water should I drink?

It’s very easy to calculate – 7 ounces per every 10 pounds of your body weight.

Example: If you weigh 160 lbs. then multiply 16 by 7 and you get 112 ounces. I am talking about 112 US fluid ounces (fl. Oz.), which equal roughly to 3.3 litres of water.

What water should I drink?

Pure water – it’s neutral. Keeps your natural body PH balance (acid/alkaline balance) intact.

Tip 2 – Do Not Drink Coffee, Soda and Ice Tea

I’m in shock! Look I’ve got my favorite drink crossed out in the alkaline diet foods and drinks list. I can’t live without coffee, therefore you’ll never hear from me being on the alkaline diet plan.

However, if you can do without coffee, soda and ice tea then
this diet plan is right for you

These are all acid drinks. Drinking them, and other acid drinks, leads to disturbance in normal PH balance. Your body strives against this disturbance by working to store those acids away as possible in order not to get harmed. Fats cells work as storage for the acids.

The more acid drinks you consume the more fat cells are generated, the fatter you get.

Tip 3 – Foods to avoid while on Alkaline Diet weight loss

Foods with preservatives and chemical additives,as well as
            with coloring agents and artificial sweeteners

All those are acid containing substances, i.e. “food poison” or toxins for your body. However, Nature has found a way to cope with them:

  • Your body is fully capable to eliminate those harmful acid substances, but only if you drink, drink, drink water.
  • If you don’t drink enough water (see tip 1) than you body starts working to neutralize or store them some places less harmful:
    • Creates cholesterol – that’s why the majority of obese people who can stop eating acid foods, like meat and wheat, do have high cholesterol levels
    • Pulls iron from the blood cells, calcium from the bones, potassium from the muscles and many other elements from different part of your body just to keep toxins from harming

Consumption of such acid foods makes your body waste enormous amount of energy to eliminate, neutralize and store away the acid substances (toxins or “food poisons”).

Just think about that:

If only your body energy was channeled properly and used to keep you active and energetic, and to lose weight …
You’d probably achieve desired weight loss results much faster and less stressful

Tip 4 – Cravings – easy ways to cope with them

Do you feel thirst or hanger? That’s the question. There is a very easy solution:

Healthy snacks to fight cravings

  • Pure water
  • Raw vegetables and soaked nuts

If you feel like eating, first drink 1-2 glasses of pure water and wait 5 minutes. If it was just thirst then the craving should go away. If the craving doesn’t go away then undoubtedly are hungry and need to munch on some alkaline food (good healthy foods):

  • Raw vegetables would be the perfect choice to say goodbye to cravings
  • Soaked nuts (almonds – very alkalizing) are tasty, keep your stomach full longer so: “Goodbye cravings!”

How to soak nuts?

Place the nuts in a bowl large enough to take the nuts and the water. Cover the nuts with pure water and wait overnight, or at least 4 – 8 hours (depending on the type of nuts used). While soaking nuts must be in the fridge. Soaked nuts also should be kept in the refrigerator – they will stay fresh for at least 5 days.

In my next article you will find the other 4 tips of the 8 Alkaline Diet weight loss tips:

Tip 5 – Main meals while on Alkaline Diet – Huge Salads

Tip 6 – The right way to combine healthy foods

The tip headline suggests there are wrong and right way to combine different healthy foods.
Find more about this tip in my next post.

Tip 7 – Stress relief techniques to aid weight loss

Tip 8 – The right breathing technique to alkalize your body

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