8 Natural Ways to be Healthy and Active

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1. Eat Healthy and Nutritious Diet

Good eating habits are always beneficial to your overall health and well being.

To optimize your energy levels, your body needs a fuel.
Whole grain and nutritious foods will keep your energy at best levels.

Processed foods high in sugar are always a bad food choice.
I’m sure everyone has experienced the negative effects of such foods – feeling tired and inactive.

Do not skip meals, especially breakfast! It’s highly unhealthy.
This way you miss out needed nutrients, which often is wrongly compensated by eating bad foods rich in sugar and fat. Not good at all.

Regular skipping of meals, especially breakfast, or lower intake of needed calories and essential nutrients might cause feeling of fatigue and unusually slow execution of common tasks.


2. Avoid Foods with Added Sugar

That’s harsh, cause it means you should forget all about packed snacks and any kinds of ready-made foods.
Unfortunately these are exactly the type of foods you crave for anytime you feel low on energy.

Foods with added sugar (high-sugar foods) are not good at keeping you healthy and active.
They give you only temporary energy boost followed by sudden energy drop-off later on.

High-sugar foods cause blood sugar spike:

  • blood sugar rises quickly (you feel energy boost)
  • then your body releases huge amounts of insulin to bring your blood sugar back down (you feel energy drop-off)

Foods with added sugar (rich in simple fast carbs) might cause diabetes, obesity, heart disease if eaten in substantial amounts. Try to avoid them.

Foods rich in complex carbs are much better at keeping your energy levels high and stable for longer periods of time.
They do not rise your blood sugar levels so rapidly thus they are better to your metabolism.

You can improve the quality of your diet by eating whole and fiber-rich foods such as whole grains.


3. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration might affect brain functions… It may affect your memory and mood, and cause loss of focus on your work.

Don’t forget that you constantly lose water via sweat and urine throughout the day. Make sure you drink enough water to compensate losses.

Drink water when you are thirsty

But remember, if you are busy doing a very active job and sweat a lot, then you should drink more than “enough water” in order to stay hydrated.
It doesn’t matter if you’re being and professional sportsman, or you are practicing some dynamic sport as an amateur, you should drink plenty of water as well.

4. Limit Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is not my favorite lifestyle habit. Yet I know, and have experienced, it may make you feel sleepy and very tired. This is because alcohol makes you feel drowsy.

Because of this effect, many people practice the so called “nightcap”, that is believed to send them to good night sleep faster. This is now entirely wrong, but …

Regular alcohol intake before bed time can seriously interfere with the quality of your sleep. In the morning you could wake up feeling even more tired than before you go to bed.

You can either limit the amount of alcohol you consume, or and least try to avoid drinking it just before bedtime.

5. Work Out More

Many of us live sedentary life and often complain of back or neck pain, tingling hands or feet, fatigue.

I myself spent around 10 hours in front of the computer and often feel my feet tingling because of keeping them crossed most of the time.

Tingling may not sound very serious at first, but believe me sedentary lifestyle may lead to chronic complications, which may cause obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

I’m used to drink away my fatigue with coffee, but I’ve always known I need a long term solution to my sedentary lifestyle…

3 years ago I started gym classes. Nothing harsh at first. I simply got to know new people, we shared common interests and did some regular exercises like Pilates and Yoga.

I liked it then and I still continue to pay regular gym visits. Now I have my own fitness program, which I follow strictly and I feel great.

Staying physically active is very important from certain age on end.

Believe me, you don’t need to undergo an intensive workout to feel the benefits of physical activity.

You can fight fatigue by practicing regular low-intensity cycling or treadmill walking.
Even a simple 10-minute walk when you feel tired is beneficial.

6. Rest and Sleep More

Do you often feel tired throughout the day? You definitely need more quality sleep and rest, of that I’m sure.
Napping in front of the TV doesn’t count, believe me.

Unfortunately missing a few hours of good night sleep is something we often do lightheartedly.

  • Try not to push back bedtime.
  • Reasons vary from meeting deadlines to work shifts, and even reading late at night or worse – watching TV.
    We bare the consequences of our poor sleep habits by feeling tired and grumpy.
    I usually drink away my tiredness and grumpiness with coffee early in the morning and it does work most of the days. I believe most of you do that as well.
    However, when chronic fatigue becomes unbearable (I’m less productive and sleepy even after 5 coffees), I push myself earlier to bed to have at least 7 hours of quality sleep. Some may need more than 7 hours, others – less. Anyways, we all agree quality sleep is important, so please continue to read below:

  • Try going to bed earlier.
  • I don’t mean very early at 8-9pm, but more likely 10:30-11pm, preferably before midnight.

  • Reduce screen time before bed to minimum.
  • That includes watching TV, working late on your computer or cell phone reading, etc.

  • Try relaxing activities before going to bed.
  • Have a relaxing bath or read a book.


7. Stress Relieve

Stress is the bane of modern life. Everyone has experienced it, even children at school.

Stress can affect not only your mental health, but also physical condition:

  • tiredness
  • anxious feelings
  • lack of concentration
  • racing thoughts

Try to minimize stress damage to your body and mind.
Thus you will keep your energy levels high, your mind sharp and concentrated, and your body relaxed.

Take some time only to yourself to relax at least 3 times per week:

  • go to gym – try yoga or meditation
  • walk in the park with or without your dog
  • read more
  • cook more – it can be quite relaxing to prepare delicious and healthy meals in the comfort of your own kitchen


8. Be Social

Being social doesn’t mean having an account in every social network you can think of, scrolling and reading pointless posts and comments.

Tweeting and commenting in Facebook doesn’t mean you are social!

Being social means going out, meeting old friends or making new ones.

Find a new hobby that will keep you busy out among other people. Join real life social clubs and meet people with common interests.

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