Beans – the most popular and common types of beans Part III

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Tepary bean (Phaseolus acutifolius)

Also called Pawi, Pavi, Tepari, Escomite, Yori mui and Texas bean.

There are three subtypes – Mitla Black Tepary Bean, Blue Speckled Tepary Bean and Sonoran Gold Bush Tepary Bean.

Tepary beans are native to southern United States and Mexico. They are drought-resistant – can grow in desert and semi-desert conditions.

One of the four most popular types of bean in the US – common, lima, runner and tepary beans.

Soybeans (Glycine max)

Soybean (US) or Soya bean (UK) is native to Eastern Asia.

Soybeans are high in of dietary protein, mineral chelator, phytic acid, organic acid, fiber and vitamin C.

There are two types of soybeans – vegetable (garden) types and field (oil) types.

Read more about soybeans in my next post, related to the importance of soybeans in nutrition and dietetics programs.

Azuki or adzuki beans (Vigna angularis)

Native to Japan and China, Adzuki beans are used mostly in Japanese and Korean cooking. Most common Azuki beans are small and red colored. They are very low in fat and easier to digest.

Azuki beans are used in Chinese, Korean and Japanese cuisines. It is almost always eaten sweetened as in the popular red bean paste -used in many Chinese foods: tangyuan, zongzi, mooncakes and baozi, as well as a filling for Japanese sweets: anmitsu, taiyaki and daifuku.

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