Benefits of Honey for Fat Loss

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honey for fat loss

Have you heard of the Honey Diet? It allows you to burn fat while you sleep.

You won’t believe how easy it is!

The Honey diet is very simple – take two teaspoons of honey before you go to bed.

This way your body will burn more fat for the first four hours of sleep, compared to exercising, for example.

The developer of the diet is Mike McInnes, a Scottish pharmacist, who discovered that the athletes eating foods rich in fructose (such as dried fruits and honey) burnt more fat and had increased stamina.

In order to enjoy the benefits of honey for fat loss and to have increased body energy, you should combine the two teaspoons of honey with at least 3 times a week fitness exercising.

The nutritional ideas of Mike McInnes behind the Honey diet are based on the principle that the honey is the fuel that makes your liver produce glucose. The glucose keeps your brain sugar levels high and allows it to release fat burning hormones.

Try it out and experience the benefits of honey for fat loss!

I will appreciate very much your opinion of the honey diet or if you share your experience with it if you’ve already tried it.

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40 thoughts on “Benefits of Honey for Fat Loss

  1. hi!
    i am a 16 yr old long-distance runner and i eat 2 tblspoons of honey and a cup of green tea before i go to bed and it works wonders! it increases my metabolism of fats and my enegy for my morning training session and also cleanses my body overnight so when i wake up i can eliminate the wastes from the day before! i love honey!

  2. Hi siobhe, thank you for your comment and the information you share with us.

    Keep on the honey diet and training!

    I wish you all the best,


  3. Hey I have also experienced in the morning empty stomach a spoon of honey lemon in a glass of water helps burning your fats all day long.
    I have experienced this. You guys do give it a shot.

  4. wondering what affect this had for high blood sugar?
    if your blood sugar is 120 is this diet okay

  5. Honey and The Hibernation Diet.


    I am the author of the Hibernation Diet (Souvenir Press London 06), which advocates taking honey prior to bed to optimise recovery biology, which is fat burning biology.

    Although this seems counter-intuitive, the science for this is easy to demonstrate.

    This means that your patients can benefit, not only from their exercise regime in the gym, but also by optimising their recovery biology during recovery sleep (Slow Wave Sleep).

    In western society people are told not to eat late or they will lay down fat.

    This is the direct opposite of what actually occurs.

    From an early evening meal the liver depletes rapidly and by bedtime will be dangerously low (liver glycogen capacity is 75 grams and depletes at 10 grams per hour during resting metabolism).

    This puts brain metabolism at risk during the 8 hours of the night fast, and the brain activates the adrenal hormones.

    These hormones degrade muscle and bone, not fat.

    If the liver is refuelled prior to bed and blood glucose is stable during the night fast, the brain activates the pituitary gland and recovery hormones are released.

    These hormones burn fat.

    In the cultures where they eat late (Mediterranean), they go to bed with a fuelled liver and activate recovery (fat burning) biology and not adrenal biology.

    This means that they suffer less from the adrenal stress driven diseases than do we:

    Hypertension and heart disease – adrenaline.

    Osteoporosis, diabetes type 2, infertility, poor immune function, obesity, depression and memory loss – all cortisol driven.

    Honey, prior to bed, optimises liver glycogen plenitude via fructose and glucose uptake, honey activates sleep via insulin and melatonin, honey promotes optimal recovery (fat burning ) biology during the night fast and honey promotes good health via prevention of overproduction of the adrenal stress hormones.

    The principles are all sourced from the scientific literature, some of them going back many decades, but which up to now have been largely missed.

    This is an important new approach to weight control, and will allow your patients of all ages to utilize recovery biology to reduce potential for obesity and type 2 diabetes.

    Kind Regards

    Mike McInnes MRPS

    0131 622 5101

  6. im currntly doing this diet i havent actually seen any results? im not sure if its actually working can tell the next morining if it has worked?

  7. i dont actually do that much excerise either does this only work for long distance runners and athletes because i play sport 1nce a week and jog or ride atleast 3 times

  8. I’ve been taking two tablespoons into 8 oz of hot water with cinammon every night before bed for about three weeks. I haven’t really noticed anything different. Should I just take straight honey?

  9. Hello mike McInns,

    Many thanks for your diet. I am curious if you have some success candidates with this diet ? How much one expects to lose with normal eating and 5 days of cardio and three days of strength training every week ?

    As a high altitude climber, I always ate honey before tucking myself in the sleeping bag. Honey kept my body warm and nice.


    Kind regards.

  10. >I’ve been taking two tablespoons into 8 oz of hot water with cinammon
    >every night before bed for about three weeks. I haven’t really noticed
    >anything different. Should I just take straight honey?

    Absolutely you should! The key to weight loss is honey. Lots of it, straight up and with other foods, too!

    To really make the pounds melt away, begin each day with 2 king-sized Snicker’s bars (doused in honey, of course) and end each day with 3-5 tablespoons of pure honey.

    Hope this helps!
    Regis, follower of the Hibernation Diet

  11. wow, I think this is very exiting, I read somewhere that honey with cinnamon will increase burning fat.

    I do everyday swimming and taking 2 spoon of honey before going to bed is not difficult at all.

    I wish I read this article before. I am 82 kg ant my height is 180cm. I want to reach to 77kg.


    Ok, I kinda fell into this by listening to my mom about the whole lemonade diet Beyonce did and I only drank the stuff for one day last week and it was gross. But anyway, I have SUCH a sweet tooth for honey or anything chocolate based. So embarrassingly enough, I would sometimes have a little bit of honey here and there. One day I was on my way to my room and somehow brought the bottle in with me.

    The Honey has stayed in my bedroom the last few nights and it seemed to me that I was only actually having a little taste of it every time I was about to go to bed. I didn’t come to realize this until today when someone told me I looked thinner. I said shrugged but she asked me if I was doing anything differently and I said no. Then a few hours later it hit me that it may have been the honey.

    SO- I googled Honey and weightloss and got a bunch of sites, INCLUDING THIS ONE!!! I didnt know about this “diet” until today, just a few minutes ago. And I am going to tell al my friends!!!

    I wanna say it has been about 3 or 4 days since Ive had the honey in my room and drinking some everynight (and a bottle of water cause honey makes me thirsty). But I have LOST 6 lbs!!!! My scale always stays in the 186-188 range when I usually weight myself but this morning it was 181 and just now it said 180. Havent seen that in months!

    Sorry this turned out so long. But I def, def recommend it. I didnt know it was supposed to be as much as two tablespoons but I will definitely do that now. Also, he kind of Honey I have is Golden Nectar, it says “Pure Honey” and its 60 calories per tbsp. The other Honeys i saw were aout 100-120 cal, s make sure you get the one with the fewest calories, or maybe its the one with the most sugar? This one has 16g.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  13. Is this true that Honey can Reduce FAT plz give me more details about it coz im already over weight i want 2 reduce mu weight faster so plz tell me about how much quantity of Honey should i take & should i take honey or any thing else .Coz im 100 kg now so i want 2 burn fat ASAP .PLz Help me 🙁

  14. I just seen this add and im going to try it out 3 to 5 spoons a night.
    im 46 and gaining no matter what i do. and i like lots of coffie and lots of sugar in my coffie so ill try honey insted. i have a low sugar problem enyway. So maybe this honey diet well make a driffrent. well see.

  15. hie i’ve been experimenting with cinnamon and honey for the past 2 days and i’m seriously not sure if it works or not. but could sum one tell me more about
    this honey diet. cos i really need to loose weight seriously!!! i’m 65 kg and
    i’m only 5 feet with not even and extra inch. so plz help me. and i also leave
    in a hostel so i’m not able to cook. but this honey diet anyone plz explain.

  16. Hi,

    I work at night. Will taking honey before going to sleep help me, too? Please clarify.

  17. Hi,

    I work at night. Will taking honey before going to bed help me, too? Can anyone clarify this?

  18. i heard my flat mate bragging about this honey diet.yesterday she was searching the net about honey coz her boyfriend has sore throat! and she came acros some site about fat burning honey and she told me about it, so i tried it ryt away.. i dont know if i shud belive it coz some of us know that honey is sugar-ish and sugar is bad for people who are trying to loose weight! so i checked and i saw this question on yahoo answers and all of the comments are bad! i dont know w/c is true though but i will try it anyway.. im really desperate!

  19. I always knew that honey could help you lose weight. Even though its sweet its still all natural. Great post!

    [link deleted by admin]

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  21. For those of you questioning this, I’m here to tell you that it definitely works. My family has adopted this regime over the last three months. So far the results are:

    *I have dropped THREE clothes sizes.

    * My mother, who is a heart patient has always suffered with high choloesterol. None of her meds worked. After 2 months on honey and cinnamon, her cholesterol was down to 2/4 from 5/4, the lowest it has ever been and her doctor was surprised.

    * She has lost 4 kilos (eight pounds) and her weight is stable. She is on no other diet.

    *We have all lost our cravings for sweet foods

    *Our blood sugar levels are steady

    * My monthly cycle, which had vanished completely for two years, has returned (can’t explain that one)

    *My psoriasis has vanished and we all have very smooth skin

    *We all sleep well

    I recommend you give it a try. It’s worked wonders for us.

    Cheers and best of luck,


  22. Hi’
    I have read all the doubt about honey and weight loss in the comments above with real interest
    Honey doe work as a fat burner, because of the ‘fructose paradox’
    For honey to work as a fat burner you need to REPLACE a source of glucose in your diet with honey.
    Problem is people are ADDING honey to their existing diet and of course it does not work them, it’s extra calories

    Hope this helps

    [link deleted by admin]

  23. ok guys this seems pretty top notch..
    i’ve recently turned to a no carb, no fat diet.. only fruits and sprouts..
    honey is one of the things i started having recently, and i have a lemon in the morning.
    the result.. i’ve lost 4 kg (appr 9 lbs) in 3 days… yes i’m overweight, but my tummy’s suddenly got smaller.. all my friends say i’ve got thinner!!
    it works guys, honey’s amazing

  24. Hi,I am going to try this Honey!!! I am taking everday morning lime and honey water so why not to try in night!!!
    Yes!!! And I will post my weight loss!!!I am looking forward to it.

  25. FOR: KUSSY

    Hi kussy…pls tell me the amount of honey you take before sleep?
    Thank You

  26. 1 tablespoon of honey has 60 calories. 2 tablespoons will have 120 calories. How will it help in weight loss. How to have honey at night. Do I have to mix it with hot water and cinnamon powder? How much cinnamon powder?
    How long will it take to be effective if combined with a low calorie diet?

    Thanks for your answer.

  27. Hi friends,
    Try 2 teaspoon of honey with juice of 1 fresh lime mixed in a glass of lukewarm water before or immediately after bed, a natural solution for constipation, but make sure that the honey is pure, amla, brahmi, garlic, cinnamon etc etc improves their qualities multifold when mixed with honey. All these will definitly be a natural alternative health supplement.
    with regards, saji

  28. hi
    this is amit from delhi, i have been taking this honey diet from
    8 to 10 days it really works, i have lost 3.5 kg in 10 days, i will
    suggest u to replace your sugar diet with honey diet.

  29. Hi !

    I have been taking 6 teaspoons of honey with 6 teaspoons of cinnamon powder every day mixed with a cup of warm water every three hours.

    I have lost 45 kgs in 18 months without any dieting. However I have spent some good time at gym workouts.

    For before and after pictures contact me at

  30. Hi I have been going through all the comments for sometime and its very engouraging, I started the cinnamon honey warm water diet three days ago, i sleep better and my mid section feels smaller i havent weighed myself yet but i want to keep it on for a couple of weeks.

  31. Ive read all the good posting about this honey and cinn. diet. So now Im going to try it. I actually had them both in my cabinet Just made my first cup. I also just stepped of the scale Im starting at 5’3(Height) 138.8 (weight). I just have one question is it okay to mix it with green tea because I love my brewed green tea in the morning and night?

  32. i have tried honey and cinnamon for about a week haven’t noticed anything but bloatness!!!!!!!!. When i was only drinking honey and water noticed a big difference. sooooooooooooooooooooo i’ll stick to the honey and warm water.

  33. Hi
    I hv been taking honey n cinnamon since 10 days but coudnt see any weight is 64 kg n height is5″6′ I m v woRried n depressed coz I’m getting over weight.. Pls help me I also wanna know is thr any specific honey ?raw or normal means common available in grocery?
    I hope that I ll get positive reply soon.

  34. Hi, I would love to hear from others who are having success with honey. I have been using it for 2 weeks now, replacing sugar in tea/oats and having a bedtime drink with honey. Have lost 1.7kgs, very happy and have more energy. Have noted increased thirst though, which worries me. any thoughts?

  35. hi sana,

    at 64 kgs with height of 5 feet 6 inches what can honey do for you. make you vanish…..??????

  36. I stated the honey and Cinnamon diet about a month ago, i did not notice i had lost any weight until i went to the doctor and I had lost 15 pounds just by drinking the tea. now I see I can also just take the pure raw honey by it self i’m gonna do that as well. thanks you guys for your stories and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. guys by reading all ur above comments i’m excited to drink honey with water bcoz my height is 5’6 inches and my weight is 70 so i needly want to loose my weight i hope atleast these can help me can we take this honey with warm water morning and night too plzz answer me guys who r going through this i need ur help i want to looose my weigh t as my marriage is there .plz answer me here

  38. Hello aishya,

    If you are talking about the honey and cinnamon drink (honey + warm water + cinnamon) then you must take it in the morning and in the evening too.

    But if you are talking about the current post you’ve commented on (the honey diet, aka The Hibernation Diet) then take a look at comment number 5, where the author of the Hibernation Diet explains it in more details)

  39. hi everyone, I was drinking 1tea spoon of honey in luke warm water,first thing in the mornng nd last thing at knight, for about 7 week’s and I lost 1nd a half stone.
    It also helped me come off suger in my tea nd stopped my cravings for wrong food. my weakness was biscuits nd cakes, i came off them completely. i got soooo previously I had TB on my lungs nd was treated nd got better. I still use to have this horrible dry, choking cough that would not go away but thank’s to this Honey in water has really helped me loose weight and it really has helped my embarrassing cough nd cravings for wrong foods. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. x

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