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Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Drink

apple cider vinegar weight loss drink

Weight loss aid is one of the best and most popular apple cider vinegar benefits. That’s why I’m starting with it.
Since my last post I read a lot about the potential weight loss aid of the brownish-golden drink and I was pretty amazed by some of the apple cider vinegar …

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10 Tips to Lose Weight Fast

10 tips to lose weight fast

Shedding Some Light on Shedding Pounds
Dieting has always been a struggle for many, but there are tips and tricks to lose the weight without the motivation and will. Here are ten tips to get you to your desired body and health goals.
1. Exercise
The most basic and inarguable way to become …

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Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss – Myth or Fact

apple cider vinegar weight loss

Honestly opinions can’t differ more – some claim it does help lose weight, others (like Jaclyn London, M.S., R.D.) say it is not a weight loss aid and should not be contemplated as such.
Each side has its arguments. Which side you’d take is up to you after you read my …

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Discovering Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

healthy snacks for weight loss

One of the banes of weight loss is snacking. Even if you know that you need to eat healthy snacks for weight loss, it is just too tempting to reach for a bag of potato chips or grab a loaded hotdog from a food truck when you start feeling hunger pangs …

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8 Alkaline Diet Weight Loss Tips part 2

alkaline diet weight loss tips

Link to my previous post where alkaline diet weight loss Tip 1, Tip 2, Tip 3 and Tip 4 are described in details. Let’s continue with the other 4 tips:
Tip 5 – Main meals while on Alkaline Diet – Huge Salads
Make a huge salad with every meal and eat it …

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8 Alkaline Diet Weight Loss Tips

alkaline diet weight loss tips

Some popular weight loss tips every decent dietitian knows and recommends, but the majority of people do not care about why they work.
These alkaline diet weight loss tips should be kept very strictly especially while you are following the diet plan. They are designed to support the alkaline diet, but …

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5 Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

green smoothie recipe

1. Green Smoothie Recipe with Kale and Romaine Lettuce
Prep time:  2 min
Servings:  2 cups

Kale leaves – 4 leaves
Romaine lettuce leaves – 6 leaves
Parsley sprigs – 3 sprigs
Pineapple – ½ cup
Mango – ½ cup
1 – 1 ½ cups of water

How to make a smoothie?
Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend …

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7 Funny Things that Promote Weight Loss

7 funny thing that promote weight loss

If you want to lose weight, you are already familiar with the only working way to do it: healthy eating and exercising. However, it turns out that eat healthily and work out might not be quite enough… How so?
Recently I read a fascinating article (backed up by proven researches) revealing …

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