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Cabbage Soup Diet

If you want to get fit and need to lose fast a few pounds for some special occasion, then the Cabbage Soup Diet is what you need!
Every fad diet starts like that. Well, I admit the Cabbage Soup Diet is a fad diet, but it will help you lose weight …

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The Scarsdale diet – all you need to know

scarsdale diet review

Herman Tarnower M.D. – author of the Scarsdale diet
The author of the Scarsdale diet is Herman Tarnower M.D. He specialized cardiology in Syracuse University.
After more than 19 years of hard work, practise and research in the field of medical dieting, Dr. Tarnower published his book “The Complete Scarsdale Medical …

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Scarsdale Diet Menu Plan

Lose up to 20 pounds in 14 days with Scarsdale diet plan
14 days on Scarsdale diet plan and you’ll be nearly 20 pounds lighter. It sounds great, doesn’t it? And it’s absolutely achievable with some strong will, patience and desire from you side.
The Scarsdale diet menu and complete diet plan …

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4 Day Low Calorie Diet

Lose 1.5 pounds in four days with 4 day low calorie diet plan.
The menu includes about 1000 calories a day, which is a way too low, but that’s the essence of the diet itself – fast weight loss.
For best results start dieting form the second half of the …

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Low fat smoothie recipes

Low fat and no fat smoothies are prefect for breakfast and afternoon snacks. In no more than 5 minutes you can make a delicious and healthy smoothie full of vitamins and nutrients that will be so satisfying that you will forget all about fatty chips, chocolate biscuits, sandwiches and other …

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3 Day Tuna Diet


Easy and quick weight loss diet that delivers less than 1000 calories per day and makes you eat tuna at least once per day for three consecutive days.
You might say: “Hmmm, 3 day tuna diet….that sounds so familiar… just like any other 3 day ___ diet – just fill in …

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The Dukan Diet

(Also called Protal for “Proteins alternatives” by the creator of the diet – Dr. Pierre Dukan)
Dr. Dukan’s book (original french title: “e Ne Sais Pas Maigrir” (“I don’t know how to lose weight”) is for all who’ve tried to lose weight, for all who’ve been losing weight – too frequently …

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Protein Shake Diet

What is Protein Shake Diet?
It is a meal replacement plan by its origin. Protein shake dieters consume only shakes and other drinks (made from protein powders) and eat only meal replacement products such as protein bars, puddings, snacks, desserts, soups, etc.
Even sugar free, low carb, gluten free, bakery foods are …

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Low Fat Vegetarian Diet Meal Plan

Low fat vegetarian meals might sound a little bit exaggerated for some people, who think being a vegetarian already means being on a low fat diet, but that’s not true…
Being a low fat vegetarian can be quite difficult and many people trying to become such vegetarians usually end up …

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