Cocoa Powder Drink for Weight Loss

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cocoa powder drink for weight loss

For most people cocoa equals chocolate, and chocolate on the other hand equals sugary sweet spoiler of any healthy diet. Well, that’s true for milk chocolate, though.

Pure cocoa powder is one of the most beneficial and powerful natural appetite suppressants in the world. Respectively, dark chocolate, the one made of more than 75 percent cocoa powder inside is so beneficial and healthy – qualities which the milk chocolate will never have.

However, today I’m not talking about dark chocolate or chocolate drinks, but for a weight loss drink made of pure cocoa powder:

Pure Cocoa Powder Weight Loss Drink


  • 1 level tablespoon* of Pure Cocoa Powder
  • 1 cup of hot water (8 oz.)

* A level tablespoon means one with a flat peak, i.e. the ingredient (in our case cocoa powder) is at the same level with the top edge of the spoon. In order to measure that correctly, you should fill the spoon and then run with the back side of a knife horizontally across the edges of the spoon. Make sure you do that just above the cocoa powder jar, so the excess powder drops just where it should 😉


Mix the cocoa powder with the cup of hot water in a large enough cup and stir very well. It can’t be any easier, right?


Let the cocoa drink cool for a few minutes and drink it.


Bitter at first, but definitely not unpleasant (like my kids described it when they tried my first cup 😉

Benefits of Drinking Pure Cocoa Drink for Weight Loss

  • Appetite suppressant effect – as long as you don’t add any sugar or milk you will feel your appetite almost immediately. Which leads to the second great benefit:
  • Cocoa drink can substitute any in between meal snack – prepare yourself a cup of this amazing drink every time you have a food craving.
    You can do that up to 8 times a day – 8 tablespoons equal 4 oz., which is the maximum safe amount of pure cocoa powder consumption per day.

More benefits and more about the dynamics of this amazing weight loss drink in my next post…

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One thought on “Cocoa Powder Drink for Weight Loss

  1. Is there a particular cocoa powder that is organic and healthy? Is the only benefit for the cocoa powder drink to suppress appetite in between meals or are there other health benefits? What brand of cocoa powder do you suggest? Thank you.

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