Detox Diet Plans for Weight Loss

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Detoxification is a natural process your body performs routinely everyday, releasing stored toxins and expelling them through the elimination organs: the intestines, liver, lungs, kidneys and skin.

Detox Diet is a dietary nutritious plan used for weight loss by cleaning out your body cells from stored toxins.

Detox Diet – why do you need it?

The reason why you need a detox diet is that your daily ingest of toxins is too much for your body to eliminate through its regular daily detox processes.

Detox Diet recommends:

Detox diet eliminates all processed foods from your meals and recommends you eating organic foods, fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of purified water. Detox Diet requires giving up smoking, drinking alcohol and tons of coffee.

Click here for a list of foods you can eat and foods you can’t eat.

Cutting back on the bad food is not enough, but that’s what most diets do. Here is why detox diet is so essential from a nutrition point of view – it makes you increase the consumption of foods that are most beneficial for your health, vitality and energy, and is essential to weight loss.

Detox Diet is recommended for:

Detox Diet is also recommended for improving resistance to disease, mental state, digestion, strengthens the organs involved in detox.

Detox Diets – what you should know

Detox Diets are not easy

Detox Diets are not easy and you should follow them very strictly.

Detox Diets are safe

Detox Diets are safe but if you have any health problems like kidney or liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, heart disease, cancer or any other serious diseases treated with medication – it is better to consult your doctor before starting. You must not stop taking any medication without first consulting your family physician.

You may suffer headache or fatigue

You may also suffer headache or fatigue while detox, which are only temporary symptoms that usually disappear for a few days. That’s why you can take a few days off work to begin the detox diet or you can start it on Friday night.

How frequently should you detox?

It’s recommended to detox not more than 3 times per year for general health improvement and prevention.

For treatment of specific health conditions, you may detox more frequently or choose a prolonged detox diet program, supervised by your doctor.

The best time of the year for detox

It is best for you to do a Detox diet in the warmer months of the year, because it will be easier to find fresh fruits and vegetables.

In conclusion

When you finish the detox diet, it will be beneficial to tonify your body with nutrients that support the function of the organs that have been cleansed.

Detox Diet will bring back the joy to your life. You could use some of the practices you learn while dieting as a regular part of your lifestyle. But most of all I can promise you that losing weight while detoxifying will make you feel lighter than ever.

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