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Detox Foot Patch Review

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Do you remember the 1 week detox diet I reviewed quite some time ago? If you haven’t read it, I will tell you in short:

It is based on eating one type of food each day and drinking plenty of fluids. I myself followed the detox diet in the spring. Though it wasn’t easy, it worked great for me – I lost 3 kg in 1 week.

Detox foot patch system – the alternative detoxification

I was very nicely surprised when I found an easier way to detoxify your body – the Detox Foot Patch System. Its mechanism of work is quite different from the usual detox diets, but it is still very effective detoxification method. I must admit that the detox foot patch is easier to apply and has excellent results quickly and effectively.

That’s not hype. I believe in detoxification and I know that detox foot patch can help you detox from all stored toxins. Your body will detoxify easily and quickly in a way that you will really love and enjoy.

It has been developed by Japanese scientist and also scientifically tested and proven to work for many people for many years now.

Detox Foot Patch active ingredients

The detox patch contains Tourmaline as main active ingredient, which works as a generator of negative ions. It’s scientifically proven that these ions have detoxification and relaxation effect on your body.

It’s the negative ions that make you feel relaxed, just the way you feel after a rain or when standing near a waterfall (that’s because of the negative ions they produce).

The other active ingredient is wood vinegar essence, which Chinese people have used for thousands of years to treat infections and irritations. Scientists have discovered that it also has the ability to absorb toxins right through your skin.

These two ingredients are a small part of the huge formula on which the detox foot patch technology is based – bamboo vinegar, chitosan, dokudami, loquat leaf, vitamin c,vegatable fiber, dextrin.

How the Detox Foot Patch works?

It is designed to be placed on any sore part of your body such as feet, knees, ankles, joints and so on. Do it before you go to sleep. The patch will pull out the toxins from the painful spot during the night. An obvious indicator for that will be the changed color and the smell of the patch when you wake up in the morning.

However, the best spot to apply the patch is the sole of your foot. That’s because it has more than 60 reflexology meridian points, known as the “second heart”. These points are the reflective zones of your major internal organs and because of the gravity your feet become the most toxic part of your body.

Effects and benefits of detox foot patches

Generally the detox patches simply pull the toxins out and make you feel relaxed, healthy and the most important – cleansed. How exactly the detox patch helps you?

  • revitalizes your body
  • enhances blood circulation
  • strengthens your immune system
  • improves your quality of sleep

All that promotes better health and longevity, just by placing the detox foot patches on the soles of your feet before going to sleep.

More benefits of the detox patch system for other parts of your body:

  • Relieve pain and discomfort of arthritis
  • Improve immunity system
  • Increase vitality and energy
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve sleep
  • Enhance mental focus and concentration
  • Soothe head aches

How to start detoxifying your body?

Did I manage to capture your attention? If you are curious to find out more about this amazing detox foot patches, or you are already so anxious to start detoxifying your body, then I heartily recommend you to try the “Suresafe patch”.

I found it recently and loved it for the great results I obtained in very short time.

For more information, please visit Suresafe foot detox patch website.


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