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Use Mixed Drinks to Lose Weight Naturally

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Do you believe there are drinks that can help you lose weight naturally? Yes, there are fresh juices, smoothies and shakes made of fruits or vegetables. First thing you should do is to buy a fruit machine. If you already have one, you can start making homemade diet drinks.

You may wonder why these fruits and vegetables mixed drinks can help you lose weight naturally. The secret is quite simple…

Fruit and vegetable mixed drinks are made of raw fruits and vegetables, and are easier for preparing and consuming. They are very rich in vitamins (vitamin C) and minerals, and the smoothies are very rich in fiber. The regular intake of fruits or vegetables diet drinks cleans out your body from toxins and is a perfect supplement to your regular menu.

Fresh fruity juices are an excellent energy drink for liveliness, you feel and become more active. You can do whatever physical exercises you practice to lose weight and you won’t get exhausted easily.

Fruit and vegetable juices are delicious, or if they aren’t, they have a big advantage – it’s easier to drink something tasteless than to chew it, right?

Homemade shakes, and especially fruity milkshakes, are very rich in fiber and are perfect weight loss nutrition for you. They can even substitute one of your meals. If you follow a diet plan, drink a cup of shake instead of breakfast or dinner, this way you won’t be hungry or stuffed, and yet you get less calories and more vitamins and minerals.

Smoothies are very helpful to your digestive system, because blended raw fruits are very rich in fiber. Fiber slows down stomach emptying and you feel fuller longer. This effect helps you eat less, your body burns additional calories to digest fiber and you can lose weight naturally.

You can also eat raw fruits or cook the vegetables, or make fruit or vegetable salads, but it takes more of your time for preparing and even for consuming.

Do not forget that these homemade mixed drinks are all natural supplements to your regular menu and you can drink about two glasses a day – one for morning breakfast and one for afternoon breakfast.
Here are some very healthy recipes for how to make mixed drinks:

Orange juice for energy

Juice 3-4 medium oranges to get the amount of about 300 ml; drink 1/2 of the juice at breakfast and the other 1/2 in the afternoon.

Banana milkshake

Peel one banana, cut it into pieces, add 200 ml skim milk (or 1 tbsp. skim milk powder and 200 ml mineral water) and blend. Add 1 pinch of cinnamon if you like. Drink it at two times.

Mixed carrot juice for fat burn

Mix 150 ml carrot juice, 100 ml apple juice and 50 ml lemon juice. Drink it at two times.

Mixed tomato juice for liveliness
Mix 100 ml red pepper juice, 200 ml cucumber juice and add 100 ml tomato juice. Drink it at two times.

Of course you can let your fancy roam, so you can juice and blend whatever fruits and vegetable you like in all kinds of combinations you desire. I recommend you not to exceed the amount of three kinds of fruits or vegetables, but if you want, you can mix as many kinds as you like.


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