Eat Your Favorite Meals and Lose 2-3 Pounds a Week

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Recently I came across a successful weight loss formula called Diet-To-Go. It is a food prepare and delivery service. It is not just food but healthy and fat free food with great taste. I think Diet-To-Go might be the future of healthy living and dieting.

You don’t need to cook at home because you have Diet-To-Go. An average low carbs and fat free meal cost about 6$ which is at the price of fast food.

The meals look really delicious:

Diet To Go Meal 1

Before you start you should define your goals. Are you trying to lose weight or just want to eat healthy and save time? It is important to mention if you are a vegetarian, food allergic or have other special taste preferences. They have the solution for everyone.

Diet-To-Go experts will create you a free diet profile and you will also get personal diet diary software to count your calories and watch closely your weight. It is not a problem to lose 2-3 pounds a week without doing anything more than stick with Diet-To-Go meals.

Get your free diet profile here

Hint: Even if you don’t want to continue using their service, the free diet profile will tell you step by step how to reduce your weight according to your personality.

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