Fast Food Nutrition Facts

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When I hear about fast food nutrition facts the very first thing I think of is that my favorite Mc Donald’s French fries portion is so small and yet it contains over 500 calories. Amazing! It’s been a few years now since I read that amazing nutrition fact and I still can’t believe it.

So you will be almost right to think that everything delicious in this world is high in calories.

That’s awful but I can’t help it. I order large French fries every time I order anything at Mc Donald’s. I know they are mostly fat and sodium – nothing healthy, but these are the facts – fast food restaurants are not offering healthy food. And that’s my opinion only I do not mean to offend any to the restaurants offering such food. It’s a matter of personal choice whether you dine at KFC or Mc Donald’s.

I think fast food restaurants are not the type of restaurants where you should have breakfast or lunch every day. If you are on the go, if you don’t have lunch or dinner at home – yes, you can have a Big Mac or a cheeseburger (it has fewer calories than the Big Mac according to the Mc Donald’s nutrition facts), otherwise – no.

I am sure if you had a comparison chart of all fast food nutrition facts of the most popular restaurants you would sit down a start calculating which one of your favorite menus has fewer calories thus you will decide whether you should dine at Wendy’s, Burger King, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, etc. And don’t forget to enjoy your meal, because it’ll be your first and last fast food meal for the week.

A few years ago I read about a man, who lost weight eating only hamburgers at Mc Donald’s. That’s ridiculous! Even if this guy has lost some weight, I really doubt the hamburgers have helped 🙂 Probably he’s been eating so much before this strange “diet” that the small portioned fast food meal has been like a diet for him.

I know that many celebrities like Amy Winehouse and Mily Sires enjoy fast food without caring about the nutrition facts behind every hamburger, sandwich or fries portion. And that’s an example you should not follow. Once a week on fast food is OK and more than that is just not recommended.

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