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8 Natural Ways to be Healthy and Active


1. Eat Healthy and Nutritious Diet
Good eating habits are always beneficial to your overall health and well being.
To optimize your energy levels, your body needs a fuel.
Whole grain and nutritious foods will keep your energy at best levels.
Processed foods high in sugar are always a bad food choice.
I’m sure everyone …

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5 Tibetan Rites for Weight Loss

5 tibetan rites for weight losss

Five Tibetan Rites is an easy to perform system of exercises that can be practiced by everyone despite of age, weight and physical capabilities. It’s a very old set of exercises (more than 2500 years old) first published by Peter Kelder in the distant 1939. His publication was a booklet …

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Easy Home Workout by Job

workout by job

Have you ever wondered what’s the best relaxing or recharging workout for your body and mind according to your job?
Workout by the the job I practise … Hmm, I haven’t thought about that before, and have you? Neither of the job descriptions I’ve read include anything on the subject, either.
Well, …

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Honey Cinnamon Drink and Home Workout for Weight Loss

honey cinnamon drink home workout

Hi Honey and Cinnamon weight losers! How are you doing?
Recently a member of our closed facebook discussion group about Honey and Cinnamon Drink asked me the following question (OK I’m paraphrasing):
Is taking only Honey Cinnamon Drink enough to lose weight, or we should do exercise?
My short answer was: “Yes, you …

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7 Yoga Types that Aid Weight Loss

yoga weight loss

Yoga is a fitness method that a lot of people practice because aside from making your body stronger, it also relaxes the mind. It is an exercise that even famous people love to do because of the many benefits that Yoga offers.
It’s an easy way to make your body become …

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10 of the Best Home Workout for Weight Loss

home workout for weight loss

There are a lot of hardships that you will encounter when you’re on the road to lose weight but spending too much money shouldn’t be one of them.
Some people choose to do home workout for weight loss because it’s cheaper and more convenient. Home workouts can be effective in losing …

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5 Best Pre Workout Meals

pre workout meal

Are you sick of endless dieting and exhausting workout? For some this probably sounds like – “starving to death” and “exercising till one drops”.
I completely agree with the “starving part”, because I’ve experienced it with more than one diet.
On the other hand, the workout can’t be that exhausting if …

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Fight Cellulite with Yoga

fight cellulite with yoga

It’s summer again – the vacation season! It’s this time of the year when we start dreaming about walking or lying on the beach showing off our sexy bikini body…
But let’s not forget that some of us don’t have sexy bikini body, but body defects instead, such as cellulite. Unfortunately …

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