Five Star Weight Loss Program

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You don’t need to pay for an expensive 2 – 3 week stay in 5 Stars Spa Hotel to lose weight. Yes, Spa procedures are great very relaxing and effective, but they are too expensive. And they don’t teach you how to live healthy lifestyle.

You will probably lose some pounds even more than you expected but then it becomes even more difficult to keep them off for good. If you don’t live healthy lifestyle it’ll be very hard for you to maintain your current healthy weight. Without healthy eating habits and the knowledge how to choose your food and how to prepare it into delicious healthy meals you will gain back most of the lost weight sooner than you’ve expected.

The Five Star Weight loss Program I am taking about here is completely different and has nothing to do with 5 stars hotels. It is a very simple program you should follow, in fact it’s exactly a program but more like a plan of 5 important things you need to do in order to start living healthy lifestyle, which inevitably will help you get healthier and lose the excess pounds, feel better and more positive about your life and well being.

For each of these 5 things you do right – give yourself one star – this way at the end of the day you will have all 5 stars truly and honestly earned/deserved. It is as easy as 1-2-3-4-5. Here’s what you need to do:

Eat Right
Encourage yourself

Sleeping at least 7 to 9 hours at nights is the best thing you can do for your organism and I am sure it would greatly appreciate that.

Why is sleep so important?

In a huge study with more than 60 000 women, those who slept at least 7 hours at the end of the study weighed a few pounds less than the women who dozed less than 5 hours. While sleeping your body produces more of the hormone leptin (the hormone of fullness) and less of the hormone ghrelin (the hormone of hunger), so the more you sleep the less hungry you will be when you wake up.

Sleeping enough helps you cope better with depression, which as we all know often leads to emotional eating which only puts on extra pounds. Try to go to bed 15 to 30 minutes earlier every night (give yourself a star every time you do that) and you will definitely see how much better you will feel in the morning.

Eating right is a problem for everyone who has problems losing weight. Give yourself a star every time you eat in a way that makes your body feel great. For example instead of pastry for breakfast you can eat a cup of yoghurt with fruits, or drink a cup of milk with fruits. For lunch chose a salad with fish or other lean meat, or tofu. For diner it’s always better to choose fish or lean meat again over fatty steak. And please skip the sweets straight after meals like candies, ice cream or cookies (if you can’t resist wait at least an hour or two before eat anything else). Don’t eat those snacks late at night as well just before bed.

Stretching is a good muscle exercise for great relaxation in the evening after a busy day at work. It will also help you make exercising easier, and enjoy it more and do it more often. Yoga is great for that purpose, but you don’t need to learn it if you don’t want to. Stretching is simple there’s nothing you can go wrong with it and don’t invest too much time in it. Just give yourself a star every time you do it.

Exercising even without breaking a sweat is great for everyone who really wants to lose weight. Walking is great 30 minutes to one hour a day is perfect. Exercising not only reduces stress and burns the calories form the unhealthy fatty foods you might have eaten, but it also may curb your food cravings, prolong your life and make you more positive towards your life and family. And that’s not all the benefits you get…

While I am walking it makes me think about my life what I’ve done wrong, what can I do to make my and my family’s life better. Give yourself a star every time you fulfill your daily exercise practice, either with walking or other favorite workout – you deserve it.

Encouraging yourself is probably the most important of all five stars you can get from your five star weight loss plan. Even if you skip one or two of the other stars, don’t miss to give yourself a credit (star) for trying to be healthy, positive and strong toward achieving your weight loss goals.

Encourage yourself and you will be much more confident it a lot more areas of your life not only about losing weight. Being positive will help your overcome emotional eating, which is great by the way. Give yourself a star just for loving your body, if you don’t accept the way you look nobody will like you. Trying to change the way you look, in the good positive way, is the only healthy way you should proceed in order to get the result you want.

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