Free Tips to Lose Weight by the End of 2006 Part I

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Everybody wants to be thin, look nice and feel healthy. It’s easy to start a diet. It’s hard to succeed.

Why? The problem is not in you or your personality. It’s complex. You have to do some big changes with your life to succeed. Change your lifestyle, your habits, the way you eat, when you eat, even your favorite restaurant.
1) Make sure you are really ready for this

Before go on a diet ask yourself the following questions:

a) Do you have the right motivation?
b) Are you able to devote 20-30% of your time to your body?
c) Do you have a support from your family and friends?
d) Would you accept the things you cannot change?
e) Is weight loss of top priority for you?
f) Is dieting right for you?

If your answer is YES to all the above questions you are ready.

2) Find out the reason to be fat

The stress and depression are common reasons to be fat.
Do you feel depressed from time to time? Read about the causes of depression.
Control your stress level first and than chose an effective diet program.

If your metabolism is slow you can combine your diet with regular exercising. Then watch how you burn fat like a magic.

Starvation is also a good reason to be fat. Use Hoodia weight loss patch or some other variations of the hoodia cactus to suppress your appetite.

There are many other reasons like eating disorders or hormonal disorders.
I think this is important, so I will say it again – find out the reason to be fat.