Free Tips to Lose Weight by the End of 2006 Part II

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In case you missed the free tips to lose weight from my previous posts:
Part I covers:
1) Make sure you are really ready for this
2) Find out the reason to be fat
Go to Part I

Do you know the reasons to be fat? Are you ready to start dieting? If your answers are yes and yes, than it’s time to select a diet that works.

You guess it! It’s not easy.

1) Find a diet plan just for you
There are hundreds of diets available today. They are all different. When it comes to select the right diet, you get overload with tones of crap info.

Diets could be classified as:

• low carb diets
• low fat
• high protein diets
• fruit-rich diets
• balanced diets
• personalized diets

There are other types of diets and many more innovative ideas, but I don’t want to make you a tester of “the Joe’s super diet” or anything alike. I only recommend proven, already tested personalized diet plans with hundreds of happy customers.

Follow the links to the diets I recommend:
WonderSlim – Weight Loss Starter Kits
Diet To Your Door Diet Program

There you will find all the information you need to select the best diet plan just for you.
Have a look and tell me what you think:

2) Track your results honestly using software for your convenience

This step is a very important part of your successful weight loss journey. You can track your results on a simple sheet of paper. However, I do not recommend this old fashioned way to collect data. There are software tools developed for your convenience with various functions like calorie counting, body mass index, measure current fat, setting weight goals and many others.

To achieve successful weight loss – analyze your results.
Enter your current weight. Set your goals. Calculate your body mass index.
Track your daily calorie intake correctly. Do not miss even the small cookie you had in front of your TV. 

Let one week pass at least. Than analyze the accumulated data. You will be amazed how much unnecessary foods you have eaten.