Free Tips to Lose Weight by the End of 2006 Part III

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In case you missed the free tips to lose weight from my previous posts:
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1) Make sure you are really ready for this
2) Find out the reason to be fat
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4) Track your results honestly using software for your convenience
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1) Go for a walk at the weekends

I always go for a long walk at the weekends.  That way I relax and leave the stress behind. I suggest you to do the same. Go where the air is fresh. Remember – oxygen burns the fat.

After the first time I went on such long walk, I couldn’t do anything more than sitting in front of my computer. On the next day, I had an awful muscular fever.

The muscular fever is the proof that something is working on your body. But don’t worry. This is only a temporary effect. It’s because your muscles are full with toxins and your body is detoxifying.

If you walk or exercise regularly, you will never have a muscular fever again. Instead, you will fill healthy and full with energy.

2) Exercise at least 3 times per week

I know exercising is frustrating. Lazy people hate it. But this is the only path to the beautiful body. You can be thin with cellulite and a lot of fat. Do you want that? I doubt.

To be honest, exercise once a week is a waste of time. Exercise at least 3 times per week and you will be amazed by the results.

I recommend the use of motorized treadmill or exercise bike vs. running for weight loss. Running takes more time and effort to achieve the same results.

During your exercises, use a slimming belt for maximum fat burning effect. You can make a slimming belt by yourself or buy a professional one.

Exercise at least 30 minutes and make sure you have a lot of sweat on your body. Also drink plenty of liquids to compensate the fluid loss.

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