Free Tips to Lose Weight by the End of 2006 Part IV

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In case you missed the free tips to lose weight from my previous posts:
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Make sure you are really ready for this
Find out the reason to be fat
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Part II covers:
Find a diet plan just for you
Track your results honestly using software for your convenience
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Go for a walk at the weekends
Exercise at least 3 times per week
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1) Drink honey and cinnamon to keep the fat away

This is a very powerful drink. Here is how to prepare honey and cinnamon for weight loss.

People who have tried honey and cinnamon mixture claim they lost up to 6 pounds a week.
Well, I lost 8 pounds for a whole month. There is nothing wrong with it. We are different organisms with different needs. That’s why the effect is different on each one of us.

The key point is that it’s free and easy to prepare – takes 5 minutes or so.

Do not expect miracles and do not overeat, just because you are drinking honey and cinnamon. I recommend you to use honey and cinnamon drink in a combination with a proper diet plan.

We have many comments on how effective this drink is. You can share your experience too.      

2) Eat more fiber rich foods

Why high fiber foods are so important for weight loss? 
You will find the answer in our article about the importance of fiber rich foods.

I will list only some of the benefits for those who don’t have time to read the full article:

  • fibers improve digestion
  • you feel fuller longer
  • fibers are harder to digest, so your body burns additional calories on digesting
  • decreases the risk of colon cancer
  • helps lowering cholesterol and insulin after meal

Here is a good way to get all the fibers you need

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