10 Tips to Lose Weight by the End of 2006

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Everybody wants to be thin, look nice and feel healthy. It’s easy to start a diet. It’s hard to succeed.

Why? The problem is not in you or your personality. It’s complex. You have to do some big changes with your life to succeed. Change your lifestyle, your habits, the way you eat, when you eat, even your favorite restaurant.

1) Make sure you are really ready for this

Before go on a diet ask yourself the following questions:

a) Do you have the right motivation?
b) Are you able to devote 20-30% of your time to your body?
c) Do you have a support from your family and friends?
d) Would you accept the things you cannot change?
e) Is weight loss of top priority for you?
f) Is dieting right for you?
If your answer is YES to all the above questions you are ready.

2) Find out the reason to be fat

The stress and depression are common reasons to be fat.
Do you feel depressed from time to time? Read about the causes of depression.
Control your stress level first and than chose an effective diet program.

If your metabolism is slow you can combine your diet with regular exercising. Then watch how you burn fat like a magic.

Starvation is also a good reason to be fat. Use Hoodia Gordonii Plus or some other variations of the hoodia cactus to suppress your appetite.

There are many other reasons like eating disorders or hormonal disorders.
I think this is important, so I will say it again – find out the reason to be fat.

Do you know the reasons to be fat? Are you ready to start dieting? If your answers are yes and yes, than it’s time to select a diet that works.
You guess it! It’s not easy.

3) Find a diet plan just for you

There are hundreds of diets available today. They are all different. When it comes to select the right diet, you get overload with tones of crap info.

Diets could be classified as:

  • low carb diets
  • low fat
  • high protein diets
  • fruit-rich diets
  • balanced diets
  • personalized diets

There are other types of diets and many more innovative ideas, but I don’t want to make you a tester of the Joe’s super diet or anything alike. I only recommend proven, already tested personalized diet plans with hundreds of happy customers.

Follow the links to the reviews of diets I recommend:
WonderSlim Diet Review
Diet To Your Door Review

There you will find all the information you need to select the best diet plan just for you.
Have a look and tell me what you think…

4) Track your results honestly using software for your convenience

This step is a very important part of your successful weight loss journey. You can track your results on a simple sheet of paper. However, I do not recommend this old fashioned way to collect data. There are software tools developed for your convenience with various functions like calorie counting, body mass index, measure current fat, setting weight goals and many others.

To achieve successful weight loss – analyze your results.
Enter your current weight. Set your goals. Calculate your body mass index.
Track your daily calorie intake correctly. Do not miss even the small cookie you had in front of your TV.

Let one week pass at least. Than analyze the accumulated data. You will be amazed how much unnecessary foods you have eaten.

5) Go for a walk at the weekends

I always go for a long walk at the weekends. That way I relax and leave the stress behind. I suggest you to do the same. Go where the air is fresh. Remember – oxygen burns the fat.

After the first time I went on such long walk, I couldn’t do anything more than sitting in front of my computer. On the next day, I had an awful muscular fever.

The muscular fever is the proof that something is working on your body. But don’t worry. This is only a temporary effect. It’s because your muscles are full with toxins and your body is detoxifying.

If you walk or exercise regularly, you will never have a muscular fever again. Instead, you will fill healthy and full with energy.

6) Exercise at least 3 times per week

I know exercising is frustrating. Lazy people hate it. But this is the only path to the beautiful body. You can be thin with cellulite and a lot of fat. Do you want that? I doubt.

To be honest, exercise once a week is a waste of time. Exercise at least 3 times per week and you will be amazed by the results.

I recommend the use of motorized treadmill or exercise bike vs. running for weight loss. Running takes more time and effort to achieve the same results.

During your exercises, use a slimming belt for maximum fat burning effect. You can make a slimming belt by yourself or buy a professional one.

Exercise at least 30 minutes and make sure you have a lot of sweat on your body. Also drink plenty of liquids to compensate the fluid loss.

7) Drink honey and cinnamon to keep the fat away

This is a very powerful drink. Here is how to prepare honey and cinnamon for weight loss.

People who have tried honey and cinnamon mixture claim they lost up to 6 pounds a week.
Well, I lost 8 pounds for a whole month. There is nothing wrong with it. We are different organisms with different needs. That’s why the effect is different on each one of us.

The key point is that it’s free and easy to prepare – takes 5 minutes or so.

Do not expect miracles and do not overeat, just because you are drinking honey and cinnamon. I recommend you to use honey and cinnamon drink in a combination with a proper diet plan.

We have many comments on how effective this drink is. You can share your experience too.

8) Eat more fiber rich foods

Why high fiber foods are so important for weight loss?
You will find the answer in our article about the importance of fiber rich foods.
I will list only some of the benefits for those who don’t have time to read the full article:

  • fibers improve digestion
  • you feel fuller longer
  • fibers are harder to digest, so your body burns additional calories on digesting
  • decreases the risk of colon cancer
  • helps lowering cholesterol and insulin after meal

Here is a good way to get all the fibers you need

9) Stay motivated

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to look at your body into the mirror every time you feel hungry or when you plan visiting the kitchen for a small snack.

It’s absolutely in vain to break your diet because of a small weakness. Instead, go in front of the mirror, take off all your clothes and look at your body. If you feel great about the way you look, why are you dieting at all?

Keep to your diet plan and when you see results, even small results than you will be motivated to continue.

10) Set small realistic goals

I left the best tip for last. In my opinion a small weight goal is 2-4 pounds for 2 weeks. If you want results faster, I suggest you start doing intensive exercising and using weight loss products.

Be realistic. Great expectations lead to disappointment and eventually – to failure. I don’t mean to scary you but a proper weight loss period may last between 3 to 6 months.

During all that time you should be planning, dieting, exercising, analyzing your successes or failures, and yet – stay motivated and focused. By setting small realistic goals, that are easy to achieve, you are ready to start your weight loss journey.

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