Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss

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green coffee bean extract

Hi guys! For my post today I picked a subject I’ve been avoiding for quite some time – Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Why avoiding it, you might ask… Well, I kept seeing ads of green coffee bean extracts and drops on almost every site I’ve visited for the last few months.
Honestly at first I thought it’s just some last craze weight loss product that will go away with time. Fortunately, I was wrong and green coffee beans became so popular that made me look into more details about it…

I can’t believe what I’ve been missing all these months looking away from the green coffee bean ads. In fact it turns out to be so beneficial and fat burning like almost no other natural weight loss product online. Amazing!

Green Coffee Beans – does that mean they are raw?

Most of you might already know it, but I will explain it anyway…

Like the name suggests, green coffee beans are coffee beans that are still green (raw), i.e. not roasted or chemically processed to get the black-brownish coffee beans we all know. In fact green coffee bean is an unprocessed product, and as we all know – less processed product equals healthier product. That’s exactly the case with the green coffee beans.

Why are Green Coffee Beans so beneficial?

Because of the higher concentration of an acid they contain while still not roasted. It’s called chlorogenic acid and is still available in roasted coffee beans, but in smaller quantities.

Chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract – what’s that and how it helps weight loss?

Green coffee beans are one of the richest natural sources of Chlorogenic acid (CGA) – from 5 to 12 grams per 100 grams of coffee beans. This chemical is a polyphenol that comes form the fruit of the coffee plant.

Recent studies have shown that the consumption of green coffee bean extract produces antihypertensive effect in humans, improves human vasoreactivity, has inhibitory effect on fat accumulation thus body weight loss in humans, as well as supports glucose metabolism in humans. Put into simple words chlorogenic acid within green coffee helps:

  • heart disease patients – regulates blood pressure
  • diabetes patients – improves glucose levels
  • weight loss – supports body metabolism to get rid of fats quickly

Green Coffee and weight loss

By now you probably wonder where you’ve heard of green coffee… Well, it must be Dr. Oz show dating almost 3 years back now. He doesn’t simply mentions the green coffee, he explains the experiment they’ve made in 2012.

People who took the green coffee extract lost 1 pound per week without any exercising or food change in their regular diets.

The chemical – chlorogenic acid – in green coffee extract creates energetic burst that boosts your metabolism so your body instead of storing the fat – it excretes it. Thus you lose weight.

Sounds to good to be true, right?

Well, in order to work and truly shed pounds – your green coffee bean extract must contain at least 45% of chologenic acid, otherwise you’ll be wasting money on something that is either fake, or not working because of not enough chlorogenic acid inside.

Are you in for a 30 day experiment with green coffee bean extract?

Hell I am, but in my country I should pay very close attention to the ingredients on the bottle, cause it happened once to order something over the internet and to receive something slightly different. Oh, how I hate that shop..anyway old story 🙂

How to order original Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Get started today with Green Coffee Bean Extract and soon you will find out why many are calling it a “Miracle Pill to Burn Fat”.

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