Green Tea Plus Herbal Drops – New Potent Formula Harvesting the Power of Green Tea Extract

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Green Tea Plus drops harvest pure green tea extract combined with trace minerals to form a delicious, high-antioxidant drink designed to support your immune system strong. Such high green tea concentration in just a few drops of the
Green Tea Plus herbal supplement is equal to six cups of regular green tea.

How Green Tea Plus is different?

It is a new herbal drops formula that harvests the power of green tea extract with 7800 ORAC Value – this is impressively high antioxidant rating. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends an ORAC unit ingestion of about 3,000 to 5,000 units daily.

Imagine that with a single Green Tea Plus serving a day you get times more antioxidant power and protection for your overall body health.

Green Tea Plus Benefits

+ Natural energy boost
+ Immune system support
+ Promotes healthy metabolism
+ Nutrition
+ Concentrated green tea drops deliver antioxidant power
+ Trace minerals aid in regular body functions

Many of you may already know all green tea extract benefits, but it is always good to remind some of the greatest qualities of green tea and its polyphenol power.

How does Green Tea Plus help you?

Green Tea Plus is the answer to all of you who want to lose weight healthily and maintain great shape and high spirits in healthy body.

It will give you plenty of energy to do your everyday activities. You will feel like you can do anything, that even going to the gym twice a week won’t be such a great effort anymore.

Green Tea Plus is an immune system booster. It can regulate your blood pressure levels (i.e. promotes cardiovascular health). GT Plus can make you less dependant on coffee and some medicines you use while sick. And that’s because you won’t get sick so often and with a healthy diet plan – you won’t get sick at all.

How to use GT Plus herbal supplement?

Use one dropper in a hot or cold drink. It may be just water, tea or other of your favorite beverages.

How to order?

You can choose from three different quantities depending on your personal needs.

Read our full Green Tea Plus Review or visit the Green Tea Plus official website

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