HCG Weight Loss

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hcg weight loss

HCG weight loss may sound bizarre but here’s what the acronym stands for – HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone that is naturally produced in human body. It is also known as the pregnancy hormone, as its levels double every two days during pregnancy.

The HCG diet or weight loss plan uses small amounts of that Human Chorionic Gonadotropal hormone. Back in 1954, researcher and physician Dr. A.T.W. Simeons discovered that this hormone helps dieters burn the “proper” fat, not the body’s necessary fat but the problem fat stored in fat depots. At first HCG hormone had to be injected in people’s thighs and other problem areas by a medical specialist at a medical facility. Nowadays this injection approach is still used, but it is expensive and much more inconvenient than taking three drops under the tongue each morning. Well, that’s what makes HCG diet plan so unique – the HCG drops for weight loss.

HCG – how does it work within human body?

It has many benefits and in small doses it is used to treat a variety of medical conditions.
In pregnant woman’s body this hormone allows the body to metabolize stored fat and use it as energy for both mother and baby. This acts as a “fail-safe” mechanism when energy is needed immediately.

HCG for weight loss

HCG for weight loss is used only in a very small amount simply to emphasize on this same mechanism. It is important to know that using HCG is such small amounts and in this way (under the form of HCG weight loss drops) does not mimic pregnancy. In fact HCG drops for weight loss can be safely used by both men and women.

HCG works by tricking your body to burn and use the old fat stores as energy. I know that probably sounds quite revolutionary, but it’s true. In fact HCG forces your body to effectively reverse the issues that have kept you from losing the weight you’ve always wanted.  

You know your body normally stores and locks excess fat in fat store depots. So if you’ve gain a lot of weight that means you’ve stored a lot of fat under the form of fat store depots in various areas of your body. Usually the most problematic and easily noticeable areas are hips, stomach, butt, etc. You should know that for the time being overweight your body has a built in tendency to try to keep your present weight and prevent your body from drastic changes, i.e. fat loss.

How can I lose stored fat?

Not with starvation anyway. In the most common case you try a diet that prevents you from eating lots of foods and allows you to eat small amount of healthy foods in even smaller quantities. Let’s face it – that’s starvation and you body never handles it well… It starts burning body muscle instead of fat, you feel exhausted and still not as many pounds off as you wished, which is not your goal, right?  

If you manage to increase your body HCG levels, your body itself will start targeting your locked fat stored in fat depots, will burn it, release energy and lose that fat weight quickly.

That’s where HCG weight loss drops come in handy. They can’t work on their own of course, but with the combination with a low calorie diet. That combo is capable to trigger your hypothalamus to start mobilizing the locked fat out of its fat depots. This process releases thousands of calories, that have been kept locked in fat depots, to be available and used as fuel for cell metabolic processes. In fact your body will be consuming it’s own fat – you will have plenty of energy and won’t feel tired or hungry as long as you rest enough. You will literally start melting fat away and reshaping your body curves.

How to take HCG drops for weight loss?

There are 3 phases in HCG weight loss program, which should be followed:

  • Phase 1 – loading
  • Phase 2 – dieting
  • Phase 3 – maintenance

All new dieters start with about a three-week diet plan of taking the HCG drops three times a day and then sticking to a 500-calorie restricted food consumption regimen.

What I like most about the HCG weight loss plan is that you don’t starve and has the unique opportunity to develop a great new smart and healthy eating habits that will help you make smarter food choices and keep the lost pounds off and your body in shape.

Learn more how to start with HCG drops program

Do I need to exercise while I am taking HCG weight loss drops?

No, you don’t need to. And in fact you better not to, cause the physical activity might make you weak and eventually fail the HCG diet plan.

I think you just liked the HCG weight loss plan even more, right? And you will like it better when you find out they offer Free Shipping.

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