High Protein Diet Foods and Dieting

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The idea of the high protein diets is to take about 50%-70% of proteins, very low fats and carbs.

Why is it so important to take more proteins when dieting?

Proteins are about 15% of the body mass of an average person. Our body tissue is built of protein molecules. Muscles, cartilages, ligaments, skin and hair – these are all mainly protein materials. You must have proteins in your diet, otherwise instead of fat you will lose muscle mass.

I don’t have a list with nutrients per serving of popular foods right now, but it is a well known fact that most of the high protein foods have a lot of fat too.

A good example of high protein food is meat (veal, chicken breasts, pork fillet). Veal is better than pork, but it’s still too fatty for dieting. On the other hand, you have to boil or bake all the foods you eat. Fried foods are not allowed at all.

I don’t know about you, but I am unhappy eating boiled veal or chicken. I am happy eating a big steak with potato fries, etc. Sorry, you must forget about them.

Well, I like delicious shakes, puddings, bars and soups too. You are allowed to eat the fat free and low carb ones only. 

Here is a list of high protein, low fat diet foods in a packet. Mix them with a glass of water, low fat milk or juice. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “High Protein Diet Foods and Dieting

  1. In biochemistry in dental school, we also learned the importance of a high protein diet. It’s the high carbohydrate diets that lead to quick weight gain, not high protein.

    Eric Shmookler

  2. Hi Sanette,

    The high protein diet is NOT harmful, just on the contrary – it’s healthy as long as you keep your carbs and fats intake very low. That means you should pick lean meats only that should be baked, boiled, stewed or grilled, but not fried.

    You can also take prepacked high protein low fats diet shakes and mix them with water, skim milk or juice. This way it is easier for your body to get the proteins you need.

    With a high protein diet you won’t be starving, which is really fascinating because with most others diets you do starve a lot.

  3. I couldn’t lose the weight till I took in more protein and nailed down the right kind of exercise. I wasn’t using the right training protocol, which is very important too. I got that from workout protocol.

  4. I originally started a high protein diet because I was a recovering alcoholic and it was to help gain my nutrition and health back after addiction. I kept it going after recovery and started losing weight as well. Some good info here: The Importance of Nutrition in Addiction and Recovery – [link deleted by admin]

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