How many calories should I eat to lose weight?

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This is an easy to answer question. You should eat less calories than you burn. It means you must have calories deficit to lose weight. Many people become calorie maniacs as they are counting and calculating calories on a daily basis. I suggest you to stay away from calculators etc.

First there is a difference between k.C and calories. On some product labels, only kC are shown. You should be able to obtain the C cont in order to make a proper calculation.

The question answered with more details

Humans are different. If I need 3500 c a day, you may need 2500 only. Generally, people with more active life and physical activity need more calories. If you start exercising but keep the same daily food amount, you may start losing weight without dieting or counting calories. Stop eating candy, chocolate or anything alike and bingo – you will boost the process. Stick to this plan for let’s say 3 months and you will lose significant amount of fat. Yes, it is that easy.

Do you still need to count calories?

If you feel difficult to follow the simple plan I give you (I assume you do not want to exercise), start counting calories.

1) Keep a record of all daily food you have, and how many calories you consume for let’s say a week. Add all calories and divide it to the number of days you have monitored. This is your average daily calories intake.
2) To lose weight the healthy way, simply lower this number with 30%.

You will start losing weight for sure. We recommend instead of lowering your calorie intake with 30%, lower it with 15% and exercise to burn the extra calories. Exercising should be done in the morning on empty stomach to burn the excessive fat.

Combining a diet with exercising is the best option as you cannot keep such low calorie intake for longer. Do the opposite and sooner or later you will start eating as usual and gain back the weight.

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