How to choose the best tea and honey combination?

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tea an honey combination

With more than 300 different types of honey in the USA, each with specific flavor and color, it is very hard to choose the best honey for your personal needs.

Finding the perfect tea and honey combination is a real challenge to any tea lover

Surprisingly, sometimes it’s even harder to find any natural raw honey. Supermarket shelves are flooded with processed honey in plastic tubes. The latter is gathered from all different beehives (yes it still comes from real bee hives), but unfortunately it’s boiled down until all its flavorful and beneficial components are destroyed only to get the desired supermarket-y liquid looks and bland sweet taste.

Natural raw honey on the other hand is a pure gold. It delivers not only sweet flavor and beautiful aroma to your tea, but also multiple health benefits. From aiding sore troaths and wounds to lowering high cholesterol and aiding Type 2 diabetes, you can use raw honey anytime anywhere to sweeten your tea, coffee or any other drink without adding any additional preservatives and additives to your drink.

Honey – sweet and healthy – perfect combination

Honey is your best choice – used either as a sweetener to your favorite breakfast tea, or as a mid-afternoon treat… Sweet and healthy go so well together with honey that you can hardly find any product on the market to match honey’s health benefits and sweetness at the same time.

In order to obtain the health benefits of honey you should drink at the very least one cup of tea and honey everyday.
If you are a super tea lover than you can drink two and more cups of tea with honey everyday, thus you will experience the overall health benefits to your body much sooner. Be persistent and you will see the results…

For example this autumn I’ve been drinking my coffee and tea with honey all the time and haven’t had any sore throat so far. That is quite remarkable compared to last couple of years when by that time of the year I had already taken antibiotics to treat complications following simple morning sore throat and cough.

Most common types of honey used in some of the best tea and honey combinations

  • Buckwheat honey
    Elevates almost all herbal teas to new levels of delight; goes great with green tea, too
  • Fireweed honey
    Perfect for mild herbal teas, as it won’t overpower their natural taste
  • Orange Blossom honey
    Quite universal; Perhaps it is one of the most versatile types of honey. You can add it to your favorite black tea without overpowering its strong flavor. Perfectly complements Ceylon tea and Darjeeling tea.
  • Wildflower honey
    Goes well with camomile tea
  • Alfalfa honey
    Mild flavored type perfect for strong scented and distinctive tasting teas like Jasmine and apple cinnamon
  • Avocado honey
    Perfectly matches Earl Grey tea
  • Clover honey
    Goes well together with lemon or mint teas
  • Tupelo honey
    You will love it in combination with Jasmine tea
  • Eucalyptus honey
    Perfectly complements Irish breakfast tea
  • Blueberry honey
    Gives really nice zesty taste to mild flavored teas like English Breakfast tea.

Have you ever thought about so many different tea and honey combinations?

I you haven’t thought by now, now is the time to consider some of the above amazingly flavorful and delicious tea and honey combinations. Unleash your imagination!
The flavor combinations are endless only limited by your imagination and desire to take your everyday cup of tea to a whole new level of exquisite delight.

Where to buy natural raw honey – the million dollar question

Collect as many different honey varieties as possible (not from the supermarkets, obviously) but from beekeepers directly, local farmer’s market or health food store, ets.

In conclusion

To conclude with I should remind you to add your honey to your tea after the tea has cooled for a while. 15 minutes at room temp is Ok… I often use ice cubes to cool it faster. No matter what method you use to cool your cup of tea – it is super important to sweeten it with honey when it is already just warm, not hot.

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