How to Commit Yourself to Weight Loss?

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get serious about weight loss

Do you know why you are not losing weight?

Because you have not committed yourself to weight loss as serious as you should.

It’s time to get serious about weight loss!

You must commit yourself to weight loss, or you risk staying the way you are … forever.

I know it sounds way too scary, but unfortunately it’s so much true that it even hurts me to think about it.

I have way too many bad examples of close friends and relatives who never ever managed to lose even one pound permanently, because they never got really serious about loosing those excess pounds.

What should you do to commit yourself to losing weight and keep it off?

Perhaps you should buy a weight loss product to remind you everyday, while taking it, that you’ve paid money on a diet product that is supposed to help you lose weight. Should this be enough? Hardly, but it’s a start – one small step in the direction of your successful weight loss journey.

Get support from a close relative or friend

No matter if it comes from a relative or friend, husband or mother, sister or neighbor, you need emotional support – a key factor in your weight loss battle. If you don’t have it, no matter how many raw carrots or plain boiled potatoes you eat – you won’t lose any pounds while you watch your family eating delicious chicken breasts and beans dinner…

I am not saying that you should put all your family and relatives on your diet, but there are ways to make it easier for you to lose weight while none of your family members are following any strict weight loss diet plan:

What I mean is the following:
Let your husband or wife eat whatever they like at lunch while both of you are at work, and in the evening when you are at home eating your dinner together, make sure you both eat the same – a low calorie diet meal that most weight loss diet plans recommend:

  • This way your partner would be eating half day whatever they like, and the other half – what’s on your diet plan’s menu.
  • That’s beneficial for both of you – you get the support you need from your partner, and he/she eats whatever they like during the day and does not overeat at dinner.
  • Do not overeat at dinner – that’s one of the best ways to keep one from gaining weight!!!

The same eating habit works with a friend, whom you’ve decided to dine with – he’she ate whatever they like during the day, but when they join you for a dinner – they eat what’s on your diet plan’s menu. Of course that means he/she should join you for dinner at your home, cause while you are on a diet plan you can’t eat out, unless you carry your meals in a box.

Discover your goal and never stop following it!

Make an event you are attending your goal date, until which you should lose weight

I feel so bad and discouraged when I am on a diet that forbids almost every delicious meal I love and every snack I like, because even a simple walk with my kids puts my will to lose weight on a test, when they ask for a snack – whether it would be an ice-cream or a chocolate candy, it does not matter…

What matters is my strong desire to lose weight by resisting all sweet temptations and finish what I’ve started. It all comes to my commitment to weight loss. That means find your weight loss goal even and do not ever stop chasing the results your desire. I think many people do it that way, it’s not the best solution, but it usually works best…

What I mean is the following:

  • Summer vacation Aim at losing weight until your summer vacation. I did that for the past two months and managed to lose 3 kilograms without any special diet plan. I just ate my favorite meals from a few different diet plan menus, as well as I did a lot of work out – every second day on the treadmill and when I was not walking or running on it, I used to make 100 – 150 squats for butt and thigh tightening.
  • Prom I remember I used to do that as well. It’s been more than 10 years now, but I still remember not eating all day in order to fit into my prom dress. From the distance of time I realize now how wrong it was, so please do not starve yourself just to fit into some sexy and beautiful dress that is simply not your size.

    What I mean is eat moderately and do workout a lot (if you can of course, cause I often receive emails from people, who say they can’t workout due to medical reasons for example).

  • Wedding Here applies the same I just said above with the only difference that if it’s gonna be your wedding – you must triple your efforts especially if you have to lose more than 10 pounds. Plan everything well – even you weight loss regime for your wedding day. Do not postpone the start of your weight loss journey just until couple of months before the big day. This way you a way more likely to fail, which brings me to:

    Essence of finding weight loss goal

    Put only realistic goals on your To Do List! Any unrealistic expectations (like losing 20 pounds in a month) will inevitably lead to big disappointments.

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  1. hello,
    my mom is 53 yrs old. she is health conscious since long.she is doing her regular walk and exercise since 8 yrs though she isnt getting weight lose result.her skin is lose as she lost weight in the past.can you please guide what to do to reduce weight.what vill be the reason behind not getting the results.?

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