How to lose weight without gym workout and dieting

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lose weight without dieting

Losing weight without gym workouts and dieting is not as impossible as you might think… In fact I recently come across a story of a woman who has lost half of her body weight (nearly 150 pounds) just by running with her dog while on doggy walks, which is kind of a jogging only with a dog on a leash.

This is a very sweet and truly amazing weight loss story that can inspire anyone who wants to lose weight. Everything started after her family adopted their energetic and kid friendly dog from a local dog shelter…

Nolie Watters says she discovered that her dog Casey loves to run instead to walk while on doggy walk so she did what she had to: start running with Casey side by side. For a year and a half now Nolie managed to lose 150 lbs of body weight without any special diet or indoors gym workouts. She just kept running with her dog around the block – that’s her secret.

Nolie says she feels great and that’s obvious from the way she looks now – now she just half the size of the woman she used to be a year and a half ago. She doesn’t feel the ankle and knee pains any more, she feels healthy, much more energetic and most importantly she hasn’t been sick for one single day since she lost all that excess body weight.

What else can I say but good luck to Nolie and Casey and let’s hope Nolie manages to keep all that weight off for good.

2 thoughts on “How to lose weight without gym workout and dieting

  1. I walk every day for half an hour.does it reduce eeight or shd I jog or run ? Please tel me

  2. Galia, thank you for sharing my story! A quick update: I have kept the weight off since 2009! Like every person I do occasionally struggle with a few ups and downs but I will never be that 300lb woman again!

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