Interesting fact about McDonald’s products

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For many years Americans have believed that McDonald’s products are unhealthy and high calories foods.

An American called Mirab Morgan decided to refute this myth by starting a “McDonald’s Diet”. She limited her daily food intake to cheeseburgers and potatoes fry only. She also restricted the taking of calories to 1400 daily.

After strictly following this diet plan for 67 days, Mirab registered a significant weight loss of 30 lbs.

Of course this amazing fact couldn’t escape the diet experts’ attention. After they carefully checked this phenomenon they have concluded: “Yes, this is possible! That woman has found the best diet plan that works for her and fits her way of life. But DO NOT try this diet for you, because you can achieve the opposite effect!”

May be this amazing story sounds unbelievable to you or may be not! But if you carefully read the weight loss tips, diets and guides reviled by the Weight Loss Advisor, you will understand one thing: “By limiting your daily calorie intake you will achieve weight loss, no matter of the proteincabsfat proportions”.

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