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Fiber-Stat Liquid Dietary Fiber Supplement Review

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Do you remember my article about fiber rich foods? There I recommend eating plenty of high fiber foods in order to obtain your daily dietary fiber intake. Some of the best fiber-rich foods are:

  • Spinach (spinach soup with rice is my favorite)
  • Sweet corn (I also love the Chinese soup with sweet corn and leeks)
  • Carrots
  • liquid dietary fiber supplement

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Oranges and many more…

Most of all I prefer the high fiber cereals (my favorite is oat). In fact my cereal combines oats, raisins, bananas, strawberries and lots of nuts. I love it with milk in the morning and sometimes in the late afternoon. Mmm, delicious.

I really enjoy eating high-fiber foods, but sometimes I wish there was an easier way to supply my body with all the dietary fiber I need. Not that I would stop eating my favorite cereals – not for the world – I just want to get all the dietary fiber I need even if I don’t have the time to eat all my favorite fiber-rich foods.

If you have felt the same way and have been looking for an easier way to take your daily fiber intake, I think I found the solution – liquid dietary fiber supplements. They are not flavored and have not odor, they taste like water but unlike water they provide your daily dietary fiber intake of 15 grams just by taking 2 tablespoons. It can’t be any simpler than that.

Fiber-Stat is a high quality liquid dietary fiber supplement produced by a reputable USA company, also has solid clinical studies to backup its benefits:

Study 1: Fiber-Stat promotes regularity and reduces laxative use
39 residents of a long-term care facility in NY were given 30 ml of Fiber-Stat twice daily for 20 days. As a result there was an overall 32% reduction in laxative orders (from 62 to 42) following Fiber-Stat therapy.

Study 2: Fiber-Stat provides benefits for bowel movement irregularity and laxative use
37 residents from New Jersey’s largest hospital/nursing home complex were given 30 ml of Fiber-Stat twice daily for 60 days. There was a cumulative 24% reduction in laxative and PRN orders over a 60 day period following Fiber-Stat supplementation.

Both studies have concluded:

  1. Fiber-Stat liquid dietary fiber supplement reduces the dependence on laxatives among study groups.
  2. Fiber-Stat helps regularity in bowel movements.

Benefits of taking liquid dietary fiber supplement:

  • Provides the 15 grams of soluble fiber you need everyday just by taking 2 tablespoons a day
  • Provides gentle and reliable bowel regulation
  • Does not affect medication absorption
  • No mixing or dissolving required
  • Contains FOS for prebiotic intestinal health
  • Natural bulking agent

Just 2 tablespoons of Fiber Stat a day (about 30 ml) and you will never ever forget your daily dietary fiber intake again. You can use it with any beverage or food you take throughout your busy day.

How to Start with Fiber-Stat?

Supplement your healthy diet with Fiber-Stat.

Make your life easier and happier. I guarantee you – liquid fiber supplements are worth trying.


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