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Low Fat Vegetarian Diet Meal Plan

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Low fat vegetarian meals might sound a little bit exaggerated for some people, who think being a vegetarian already means being on a low fat diet, but that’s not true…

Being a low fat vegetarian can be quite difficult and many people trying to become such vegetarians usually end up being non-meat eaters on unhealthy diet.

First of all let’s find out who might need to be on such a diet?

Some patients with heart disease may find it beneficial, but that’s based on non-standardized scientific studies and includes significant lifestyle change for any heart disease patient. NO ONE with heart problems should try such diet without medical supervision.

However, if you don’t have heart problems and you are a vegetarian, who wants to lose a few pounds, then the low fat vegetarian diet plan might be just for you. If you try to make your own meal plan it could turn quite unsuccessful at first. The trials and errors in the process could also turn down forever your desire to become a low fat vegetarian. Don’t worry, there is help …

Trials and error in becoming a low fat vegetarian

Trials and error in becoming a low fat vegetarian may be exhausting for one, trying to balance the satisfaction from the food and the nutritional value of the food. In other words it’s not easy to prepare a tasty and great looking meal with enough proteins in it – neither too much, nor very few.

Great looking and delicious meal vs. meal with enough proteins

For some people more proteins mean more delicious meal, but low fat vegetarian meal plan such as the one offered by Diet-To-Go proves otherwise.

Foods on the low fat vegetarian diet

The more unprocessed the foods are – the better. Such foods like cereals and whole grain breads contain high amounts of complex carbohydrates, which is great. Fruits and vegetables supply the low fat vegetarian meal plan with lots of fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals – all of them are heart healthy (no wonder why this diet is recommended for people with heart problems). The diet excludes added fats, oils and high fatty foods (that means you forget all about nuts, seeds, olives and avocado).

Balance, balance, balance … it’s all about balance

It’s all about how you balance the absence of all animal meat, fish and poultry with beans, soy and tofu, as well as nonfat diary products like fat free milk and egg whites.

Low fat vegetarian meals – planning and preparation

Meal planning and preparation is essential for balanced low fat vegetarian diet menu. If you don’t plan your meals smartly, then your ready made meals will most probably suffer nutrient deficiencies. Common cases of lower intake of Vit. B12, iron, calcium and protein of course.

If you don’t want to go all by yourself through all these meal planning and cooking processes, then you may turn to the professionals from Diet-To-Go. Their dieticians have done all that low fat vegetarian meal planning and preparation for you and all you need to do is choose your breakfast, lunch and dinner from their sample menus.


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