Medifast Coupons, Special Discount Offers and Promotions

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Take advantage of Medifast coupons and special offers

Medifast Advantage Program allows you to:

  • Get 4 Weeks at the price of 3 on your first order
  • FREE Shipping
  • Earn Rewards
  • Take Advantage by 12/31/2014

Save 30% + Free Shipping on the Medifast Advantage Program

Get your first order of 4 Week Medifast Diet Meals Package at the price of 3 weeks.

Offer is valid by the end of 2014

With Medifast you can lose 2-5 pounds a week. Medifast’s delicious meals make dieting quick and easy. Get 2 weeks free today!

Momentum by Medifast makes it easy for you to turn up the heat on your weight-loss effort, move beyond your plateau, or maintain your new, healthier weight.

You should try the new flavors of Medifast Crunch Bars or take advantage to the new special sale price of Ready-to-Drink Shakes Case.

You can lose up to 20 pounds in one month. Don’t worry this is considered healthy weight loss by doctors and dieticians. Medifast will deliver right to your door your complete meal plan package – well balanced, good looking and tasty meals, plus an easy to follow diet plan. You don’t need to shop or cook anything more for the diet.

Medifast issues new coupons every month for great discounts. You should check our blog and website regularly to be up to date with the latest Medifast Coupons and special discount offers.

Some of the most popular Medifast special promotions are FREE Medifast meals for 2 weeks, great benefits if you become a V.I.P. member, etc…

So if you order 4 week meal package for women, men or diabetes you get 6 weeks supply instead. And if you become a V.I.P. member of Medifast Official website you get multiple benefits including a discount for every consequent order of Medifast meals you make.

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