My 1st day of the 1 week detox diet

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Hello my dear readers! I just started the 1 week detox diet yesterday at Monday April 3, 2006.

My current weight is 61 kg – 134.5 lbs. and I am 170 cm and 5 feet 7 inches tall. You may wonder why I need dieting. Well, I am not fat, but I don’t feel quite well in my body right now, because I can’t fit in most of my spring and summer clothes. My normal weight, and of course my current goal weight, is 55 kg ~ 121 lbs.

The purpose of the 1 week detox diet is to cleanse out your body. The first day you should drink only fruit and vegetable juices.

That’s what I did yesterday – I drank about 1 l ~ 35.2 US fl oz = 2.2 US pt. I also drank one cup of coffee without sugar in the morning and 1 cup of tea with lemon and no sugar in the afternoon.

To tell you the truth I felt awful – I had headache, my eyes hurt, stomach aches, sore muscles, and general weakness. I think my blood pressure has dropped and my body temperature has increased. I got almost all bad symptoms that detox diets cause, which I’ve described in “Detox Diets – all you need to know” article.

I had no desire or energy to do anything. Despite all discomforts I felt, I succeeded to finish my latest article “High Fiber Diet“. It was very difficult for me to write for this diet and all these high-fiber foods, because I was starving all day. To be honest I must tell you that I wish I was at the high fiber diet instead of the detox diet.

I must have been very intoxicated, that’s why I felt so awful. I kept telling myself that it’s all for my good and I must resist at all cost.

And I did resist. In the evening I did some housework and preparations for the second day of the diet – put some potatoes in the pressure cooker. I felt much better before going to bed and I fell asleep with my one and only hope – to feel great in the morning.

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