My 5th day of the 1 week detox diet

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Hello again! Yesterday was my fifth day of the 1 week detox diet planFriday April 7, 2006.

My current weight is 59 kg = 130 lbs. For the first four day of my diet I have already lost 2 kg and have more energy than ever.

Four day are passed – the hardest days of the diet. From now till Sunday I’ll be having breakfast everyday and far more delicious foods to eat.

My breakfast was very substantial – 1 slice of whole grain bread with butter and one boiled egg. I also added as usual 1 cup of coffee without sugar.

Friday’s specialty on the menu was 150 g ~ 5.3 oz macaroni boiled in salted water for 10 minutes.

You can add some cheese like I did – about 30 g ~ 1 oz – mmm, it tastes yummy – it’s just like boiled macaroni with cheese and sugar (which I love), but without the sugar 🙂

You can also add some other ingredients to make the macaroni more delicious. For any ideas read the 1 week detox diet menu at my site.

Tomorrow I will be eating vegetable salads all day. Yummy, salads are so easy to prepare and I can’t wait to make some fresh ones. See you tomorrow!

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