My 6th day of the 1 week detox diet

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Hello! I am sorry I missed my post yesterday, but I had lots of work around the house and in the garden. My weekend was really very busy and I had no time to blog.

Today is Monday and I am here to tell you about my sixth day of the One week detox dietSaturday April 8, 2006.

As I said in my previous post the menu for Saturday was vegetables about 1 kg = 2.2 pounds. The diet allows you to boil the one half of the vegetables and the other half to eat raw.

I preferred to eat all the vegetables raw.

I made a tomato-cucumber salad for lunch with 50 g ~ 1.7 oz of grinded cheese.

For dinner I made a cabbage salad with carrots and I also ate a couple of carrots in-between lunch and dinner, and one boiled egg after dinner.

My breakfast was the same like Friday – 1 slice of whole grain bread with butter and one boiled egg, and 1 cup of coffee without sugar.

I also had another cup of coffee in the afternoon and a cup of tea without sugar just before going to bed. 

I was very excited for Sunday, because it was going to be the last day of my diet and I was going to eat meat.

Read for my last 7th day of the 1 week detox diet in the next post

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