My 7th day of the 1 week detox diet

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Hello again! Yesterday was my seventh day of the 1 week detox dietSunday April 9, 2006.

Yesterday morning I weighed 58 kg ~ 128 lbs. – that means I have lost 3 kg = 6.5 lbs for six days.

My diet menu for this day was the menu I was dreaming about since the beginning of the diet. It was as follows:

Breakfast: 1 slice of whole grain bread with butter, 30 g ~ 1 oz of cheese and 1 tomato; I sliced the tomato with a few onion rings into a small salad. As usual I also added a cup of coffee. It was a good start for my busy day.

For lunch I grilled one small veal stake and made a potato salad – 2 boiled potatoes and 1 tbsp of vegetable oil garnished with parsley. The stake wasn’t juicy enough, but for me it tasted great.

My dinner menu was grilled fish garnished with lettuce and boiled zucchini. I also made a tomato salad with 3 tomatoes and 1 small onion.

I prefer fried zucchini, but they tasted good even boiled. If you don’t like boiled zucchini, then you can eat 1 or two tomatoes instead.

The weather was great and I worked pretty hard in my garden this afternoon, so I drank lots of water – about 2.2 l ~ 75 US fl oz = 4.6 US pt.

I am going to plant some tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, salad greens and summer squashes in my garden this spring, so I will be able to do the 1 week detox diet once again in the summer with my own home-grown fresh vegetables.

Tomorrow I will review the effects of my diet – the benefits from the 7 day detox diet for me and my recommendations for you.

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