Protein Bread for the Scarsdale Diet

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protein bread recipe

High protein bread takes a very important part in the Scarsdale diet. Every day of the 14 day diet plan starts with a slice of protein bread at breakfast.

Ever since I created our support group in Facebook, members keep asking which high protein bread for the Scarsdale diet to use.

Protein Bread for the Scarsdale diet – which one and where to buy?

It was hard to recommend a particular protein bread, because there are so many different local bread types all over the world.

Just read the labels and if the proteins are 20% then the bread is good, if the proteins are 40% – the bread is perfect. Also wait for other members in your area to give protein bread suggestions – that was my advice back then when we started the Scarsdale diet group.

Protein Bread for the Scarsdale diet – made at home

Now, 6 months later, when I decided to start the Scarsdale diet myself, I found making my own high protein bread to be the best option I have.

To find the perfect high protein flour for the Scarsdale bread was easy.

I’ve been using a type of whole grain wild wheat flour (Einkorn wheat) to make home bread for years now. It’s very high in proteins (15 g proteins per 100 g of flour), also is GMO free and unprocessed – perfect for my kids and family.

What I was doing, was using 1/3 of the whole grain wild wheat flour combined with 2/3 regular white wheat flour to make my home baked breads. My kids just love to dig out all bread’s inside and eat it while still warm 🙂

When I realized I need more proteins in my high protein bread for the Scarsdale diet, I decided to change my breads flour proportions – 2/3 whole grain wild wheat flour and 1/3 regular white flour. The result was an exquisitely smelling and deliciously tasting dark brown bread 🙂 I am so satisfied with the result, so I decided to share my protein bread recipe with you:

High Protein Bread Recipe


My recipe is for 1000 grams of bread (2.2 pounds)

  • 355 ml water (12 fl oz)
  • 3 tbsp sunflower oil
  • 2 tsp sea salt
  • 3 tsp brown sugar
  • 360 g whole grain wild wheat flour (Einkorn wheat) (12.7 oz)
  • 240 g white wheat flour (8.4 oz)
  • 1.5 tsp dry yeast

The Einkorn wheat I use grows in my country – Bulgaria, which takes best part of the Balkan Peninsula (Eastern Europe). Our local Einkorn wheat (a.k.a. “limec” and Triticum monococcum in Latin) has remarkable nutrition qualities:

  • higher percentage of protein than most grains
  • higher levels of phosphorus, potassium, pyridoxine, and beta-carotene

Unfortunately Einkorn wheat does not grow in US.

To the best of my knowledge it originates from the Middle East spreading out to the regions of Anadolia and Balkan Peninsula (Eastern Europe).

However, I found that the spelt flour has as higher percentage of proteins as the limec flour.

Spelt (a.k.a. “dinkel wheat” and Triticum spelta in Latin) is a type of ancient wild wheat that is very healthy and rich in nutrients:

  • proteins – more than 20% of the Daily Value (DV)
  • dietary fiber – 11%
  • several B vitamins
  • numerous dietary minerals like manganese (143% DV), phosphorus (57% DV) and niacin (46% DV)
  • spelt is low in fat

Now you know why spelt flour is getting more and more popular everyday. I hope you can easily find it in health food stores.

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