Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats – A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners

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30-Minute Meal Cookbook

Everybody loves that book. It is Rachael Ray’s latest cookbook, which will release you from your boring everyday meals.

Imagine the following picture:

After a long day at work, I am absolutely sure that the last thing you would like to be doing is cooking in the kitchen for a couple of hours. As a result you are so tired that the only thing you want is to take a long relaxing bath.

Can you imagine cooking delicious meals fast and easy in just 30 minutes?

If you are a busy parent and spend more time cooking in the kitchen instead being with your family in the evening, then Rachael Ray 30-minute recipes for everyday in the year are just for you. This cookbook will allow you to prepare tasty and healthy meals within no time and share them with your family with great pleasure.

Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats – A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners – what’s inside the book?

The cookbook includes 365 different delicious recipes for everyday of the year for preparing dinners.

The number of servings is included after each recipe in the book. Most recipes are intended to serve four people and a few of them are intended for two people. Meals are break down into categories depending on the particular occasion – romantic supper, good for a crowd, for 1 or 2, on the light side, super fast suppers.

Rachael Ray 365 is a must-have cookbook because:

The key to success of Rachael Ray 365 cookbook is that her recipes are easy for preparing, delicious to everybody’s taste and healthy for young and old.

If you are not a cook but wish to learn, this is a great cookbook to start with. The recipes easy to follow and will take you only half an hour or a little more to prepare. It depends on your culinary skills and techniques.

If you are an adventurous cook then Rachael Ray 365 cookbook is what you’ve been waiting for. You will be inspired by brand new and interesting culinary ideas for cooking excellent dishes.

You will always find a new meal to prepare for each day for twelve months

This cookbook includes not only 365 basic recipes plus one special Christmas menu, but also alternative ways to prepare the recipes with one or two different ingredients, which makes them completely unique new meals.

Ordinary and easy to find ingredients

Another key to the success of this book is the fact that Rachael Ray uses mostly ordinary and easy to find fresh ingredients but does so without being boring. I am sure that you will have most of the necessary ingredients at hand without purchasing any special items. The book is also wonderful if you are looking to try new attainable ingredients that may have scared you in the past.

You will feel a great pleasure cooking with this book in your hand

The results will always be perfectly prepared and healthy meals with fresh ingredients prepared with less effort for everyday of the year.

You will enjoy cooking if you cook for the first time or you will recover your desire to cook again. The book explains all procedures and measurements in an easy to follow instructions for the non-cook and the experienced cook as well.

Only one disadvantage of Rachael Ray’s cookbook:

The only disadvantage is that there aren’t enough pictures of the meals.

In conclusion

All people that have already bought Rachel Ray 365 cookbook highly recommend it!

It will be very smart choice if you have decided to buy it now at Amazon, because it is easy and worth every penny shopping at Amazon.

Compare prices

I can assure you that Amazon’s price is the best on the market for a cookbook with 366 different recipes for $11.97. In comparison I could mention that at WS Rachael Ray 365 cookbook costs $16 and at eBay it costs $13.99.

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