Sexy Bikini Body – How Are You Going to Look at the Beach This Year?

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beachWLA It’s vacation season again. Despite the “rainy season” we a going through right now, I already started my pre-holiday preparation to get back my sexy bikini body for the beach 2014. Have you?

  1. The very first thing I did so far was to check how much weight I’ve put on since the last summer – 10 pounds (5 kilograms 🙁 NOT GOOD!!!
  2. Next I checked if I have cellulite… Well, everything looks fine, considering the extra weight, but it’s still NOT GOOD!!!

I come up with a small TO DO LIST:

tickTo put myself on a diet.

tickTo buy a new anti-cellulite cream (just in case 😉

tickTo start home workout

tickTo motivate myself to do all of the above.

My pre-holiday preparations continue and my TO DO LIST will grow, so don’t miss my weight loss advices, diet tips and tricks on how to get the sexy bikini body for beach 2014.

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