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The Shangri-La Diet is based on the set point theory of weight control and includes the taste-calorie association. It is developed by psychology professor Seth Roberts at
the University of California, Berkeley.

Set point theory means that at any particular moment your body wants to be a certain weight. If you try to lose weight from your current set point, you won’t succeed.

You must learn to control your set point. The easiest way is by the taste of your foods – the taste-calorie association. It means eating tastier foods raise your set point and tasteless foods lower it. In the first case your body wants to get fatter and the second – to get leaner.

How Shangri-La Diet works

The secret of the Shangri La weight loss program is to break the taste-calorie association in a way to lower your set point. Body energy from calories intake must came without a taste association.

Disassociation of taste can be achieved by:

Caloric intake with little or no taste
Caloric intake with an unfamiliar taste
Caloric intake that is detected after a delay by the body in order to disassociate the taste of the food that brought the calories

Shangri-La Diet recommendations

The most important thing to remember isn’t the eating of tasteless foods all the time, but taking small amount of your daily caloric intake in between meals in tasteless doses by:

  • Drinking one or two tablespoons* of canola oil or some very light olive oil per day – half in mid morning and half in mid afternoon, or in three doses if you like
  • Drinking sugar water – 3 ounces** (6 tablespoons/18 teaspoons/90 milliliters/75 grams) of fructose diluted in one liter of water

* A tablespoon of oil contains about 120 calories; 2 tablespoons contain about 240 calories and is equivalent to a fluid ounce, or about 30 milliliters of oil.

** 3 ounces of fructose are equivalent to 275 calories. You can use any type of sugar.

They should be taken at least one hour before a meal in order to suppress your craving for food. Professor Roberts recommends about 150 to 300 calories per day. The higher caloric intake is during the weight loss period, and the half lower intake is during the maintenance diet.

Shangri-La successful weight loss

Professor Roberts has lost 35 pounds in three months. Many of his friends have used the diet and have lost weight successfully. The Shangri La weight loss program will change your metabolism to a rate that you won’t need more than 1200 calories daily. Here is an example Shangri La diet menu:

  • One normal meal of about 900-1000 calories or two smaller meals of about 450-500 calories
  • Sugar water which is about 150 calories
  • Two pieces of fruit of about 75 calories a piece

You will be able to read more interesting and detailed information in Seth Roberts’ book “The Shangri-La Diet“, which has just been released.


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