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The summer is already here and you need to lose a few pounds to look and feel great at the beach this year, but you’ve missed to put yourself on and strict diet in the early spring. Then now is you last chance to lose those few pounds and the easiest and fastest way to do it is by taking some sort of a slimming tea for a couple of weeks.

Slimming teas are gaining their popularity again. Again, because of a huge campaign against slimming teas in the end of 1990s, when they were very popular with the miraculous weight loss results they were promising, which turned out to be very unrealistic, as well as with the negative side effects they had after regular use way too long after the recommended course of taking. 

However you should not confuse green tea, chamomile, ginger, peppermint and many other herbal teas with the slimming teas, because they have nothing to do in common. Except for the herbal ingredients, they have completely different mechanisms of work.
There are two types of slimming (“diet”) herbal teas – first type contain laxatives or diuretics, such as senna, and the second type contain herbs that suppress appetite, such as ma huang.

In fact slimming teas are not as bad as they were said to be, as long as you use them according to the directions for use and the recommended course of taking. Now is the time to mention that you should avoid any types of slimming teas that have no details of how exactly the tea helps slimming, have no directions, recommended course of taking and vague ingredients.

Slimming teas containing senna should not be used on daily basis for more than a couple of weeks, because this herb is a laxative and works by irritating the colon to empty faster. And a usage beyond that period can make your colon muscular walls weak and sluggish, and may cause your colon not function properly on its own without taking the slimming tea.

It may sound scary, but you should know some facts about the prolonged usage of slimming teas:

  • some studies have suggested that prolonged usage of senna may cause colon cancer
  • slimming teas can cause dehydration from chronic diarrhea, which may lead to deficit of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium
  • potassium is very important for muscles and its low levels can cause malfunction and weakness to the most important muscle in your body – the heart, such as cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heart beat)

I didn’t mean to scare you to death, but you should know the risks of prolonged usage of slimming teas.

Of course none of these will happen if you fist consult your doctor prior start taking slimming tea, and if you don’t prolong the slimming tea usage.

After all we are not talking about some sort of a strict and short diet that will make you miraculously lose all of your excess weight – NO.

It’s all about taking some sort of slimming tea a few times a day and to combine that intake with lowered food intake and increased exercising.

Actually it’s mostly the lowered food intake and the increased exercising that make you lose a few pounds.

The slimming tea helps as well by:

  • increasing your metabolism and your body burns the calories and fats faster, or by
  • preventing your body from storing fats and toxins, or
  • speeding up your colon empting

And many other mechanisms of work of the slimming teas, depending on the type of tea.

If you properly take the slimming tea and combine it with an easy to follow diet and regular exercises for a week or two, you can successfully lose a few pounds.

Losing between 4 to 5 pounds will make you feel slimmer and happier. And when you manage to get into your favorite summer jeans, then you’ll be ready for your summer vacation with a few pounds off and all great moments you are about to experience.

2 thoughts on “Slimming Tea

  1. Being a big tea drinker a might want to try other slimming teas as I only drink green tea. Many people have had great results while using tea but I find it to being a claming and relaxing drink unlike coffee or pop.

  2. I have struggled with weight for a while and one thing that really helped me besides my support group/friends was a natural colon cleanse I did. I found it at
    Im not trying to sell a product, just share the info with you. I felt a lot better after doing it, not as bloated and full, and I feel like I eliminate what my body doesn’t need to keep which was adding to my weight. Anyway, keep up the great work, I will be checking back for encouragement, thanks!

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