Bodyweight Squats For More Beautiful Legs

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There is a wide spread belief that any type of squats (including bodyweight squats) are bad for knees. I don’t know why but I also believed that. It’s funny because it turned out to be just on the contrary – squats strengthen knees.

How to perform bodyweight squats right way?

First let’s clear up that we are not talking about the Olympic strength training exercise with barbells and other weights. No…

We talk about bodyweight squats performed with no dumbbells or other weight. The squats described in this article require a lot of repetitions – up to 20 per series in 3 to 4 series.

  • The squat technique for beginners is to use a chair to sit on and to stand up until they pick up the movement itself.
  • Next stage of learning is more advanced (the so called bodyweight squats) – squat with tights parallel to the floor.
  • Last stage of squatting is very advanced and requires the use of dumbbells. Don’t be mistaken it’s only for men, this powerful exercising is of extremely great benefit for woman’s thighs.

Squatting with dumbbells improves blood circulation within the zone of inner thighs thus stimulating the fat burning process within this exact area. To tighten inner thighs is not an easy task to do. It requires strong will, a lot of sweating and efforts. With all this accountant any women can achieve remarkable results – to shape the beautiful legs they’ve always wanted but never managed to even start working out.

Climbing stairs up and down

Some may say climbing stairs up and down is not an exercise at all. Well, I should disappoint and inform them that in fact climbing stairs is the perfect, if not, the most beneficial exercise for shaping beautiful legs and in particularly – tightening the inner area of women thighs.

Instead of stairs a hard surface chair can be used to climb up and down. Soft chair is not recommended for people with knee problems as climbing soft surfaces is bad for knees.

Sprinting and Running

Long and slow treadmill running or walking, as well as jogging are perfect for people with more than 10 kilograms (22 lbs) in overweight.

However, if you have less than 20 pounds to shed and you’ve already done a couple of months of training – squatting, climbing, treadmill walking or running, or jogging then you are ready to move on to the next body challenge – sprinting.

Sprinting (running very fast) is perfect for overall body stimulation (especially legs and particularly – thighs). Its greatest benefit is that it exhausts the maximum of body strength in a very short time. Even 10-15 seconds of sprint as hard as body stands is great, because the purpose here is – body working out at max for short period of time.

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