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Tonalin CLA Diet Supplement Review

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Tonalin CLA diet supplement is best known for its abilities to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle tissue.

CLA (stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is the active ingredient in Tonalin CLA 1000. It is a fatty acid found in meat and dairy products and the conjugated linoleic acid in Tonalin CLA is derived from safflower oil.

CLA is essential to everyone’s regular diet.

People used to receive enough healthy doses of CLA through their regular consumption of beef and diary fats in the past. However for the past 30 years there are significant changes in cattle feeding and in our foods, so the amount of CLA in our diet regiments is drastically lowered by almost 60%.

The lowered amount of CLA in people’s diets is considered to be one of the reasons for the increasing level of obesity. What is more there are lots of people who avoid eating red meat and dairy products because of cholesterol concerns and that leads their CLA consumption almost to zero.

Fortunately scientists are now able to convert linoleic acid of pure safflower oil into conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). As it is difficult to obtain a sufficient amount of CLA in their regular diets, many people use Tonalin CLA Softgels to supplement their diets.

Weight loss effect of Tonalin CLA diet supplement

In order to help you lose weight it works three ways:

  • CLA interferes with the substance in your body that helps store fat in your body
  • CLA helps your body burn its existing fat for energy
  • CLA increases lean muscle tissue, which naturally slims your body and makes you feel strong and healthy

The more muscle you have, the more calories your body uses in order to function – thereby speeding up the fat burning process.

The greatest benefit of taking Tonalin CLA diet supplement is the reduction of body fat and weight in four ways:

  • decreasing the amount of fat stored after eating
  • decreasing the number of fat cells
  • increasing the rate of fat breakdown in fat cells
  • increasing the rate of fat metabolism

CLA not only helps you lose weight and body fat, but also assists in avoiding arteriosclerosis, lowers cholesterol and enhances immunity.

The recommended dosage for CLA is 2.5 to 5 grams daily; however most people get less than 1 gram per day. If you take 1 softgel of Tonalin CLA 1000 with each main meal, you will get enough CLA daily.


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