Toothpaste Diet

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toothpaste diet

I can’t believe I just read that! At first glance I was shocked and then I thought: You probably need to suck down tubes of toothpaste at every meal … Disgusting, ah? Oh, yeah, but I was hooked and continued reading …

NO! Fortunately, you don’t need to eat toothpaste, instead of food, at every meal.

And YES! Thank God my first impression was wrong! Because I was getting very seriously concerned about this toothpaste diet. I thought it’s one of the new weird diets that the sick brains have come up with recently.

But what is the toothpaste diet anyway?

All you need to do is brush your teeth after every meal with mint flavored toothpaste. Still sounds ridiculous? Don’t worry it gets clear …

It’s all about the fresh minty taste in your mouth after teeth brushing. It tells your brain that the meal’s over and will keep you away from your favorite unhealthy snacks you might eat in-between meals.

In other words – if you are following a portion controlled meal plan and can’t resist snacking till next meal – the toothpaste diet (as ridiculous as its name sounds) comes to help.

How does the toothpaste diet work?

If you’ve just brushed your teeth, and yet can’t resist your favorite goodies and eat some, you will be very unpleasantly surprised by the awful flavor they have in combination with the minty taste in your mouth.

So no more unhealthy snacking in-between meals – just healthy portioned meals that really help you lose weight. Thus said, the toothpaste diet does really help you stick to your healthy eating diet plan (whichever you are on).

Other sources of fresh mint flavor

Toothpaste diet made me think of something …

If the mint flavor is so powerful to stop you from munching anything unhealthy in-between your healthy meals, then there must be other sources of mint flavor you can use. Cause honestly – brushing your teeth constantly after every meal could get quite annoying. It is highly likely you start skipping the routine on Day 3 of your diet plan.

Smelling Peppermint

  • Sniffing at peppermint oil regularly might suppress appetite and thus your overall calorie intake.
    I’m not kidding! It’s been done a research – you can read more details here
  • Sniffing peppermint fresh leaves odour
    I was wondering … If peppermint leaves work the same way as the oil does, then I should spread peppermint pots all over the house and will be sniffing their leaves like crazy.
  • Eating/chewing fresh/dried peppermint leaves after meal.
    • This one sounds a little bit harsh, but it’s very beneficial for digestion and breath, of course.
    • You’ll take in not only the very powerful and overwhelming mint flavor, but also good supply of fiber, minerals like iron and potassium, and vitamins – Vit A.
    • Peppermint leaves are also rich in antioxidants such as perillyl alcohol and rosmarinic acid (first might stop cancer from spreading, second is beneficial for allergy treatment).
  • My other options may sound a little bit funny, but they could work as well:
    • Buy and hang peppermint air fresheners everywhere (it’s cheaper than oil, I think …)
    • Pour peppermint oil in essential oil vials and hang them all over the house (especially in the kitchen).

In conclusion

It turns out the benefits of peppermint are countless, no matter if we are talking about its oil or its leaves. I will definitely take those facts about peppermint and explain its numerous benefits in more detailed article.

As for the toothpaste diet … Try it out!

It’s easy and funny, and yet may prevent you from snacking on an unhealthy foods in-between your healthy meals. It costs you nothing to try and won’t hurt you even if it does not work.

After all you will have the perfect smile with your healthy, white and shiny teeth, and fresh breath. Isn’t that right?

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