Weight Loss Camps

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Weight Loss Camp – what is that?

Definition of weight loss camps

Weight loss camps (also called summer weight loss camps, because they are organized mostly during the summer) are sometimes incorrectly referred to as fat camps or diet camps, which is actually pretty wrong because fat and diet camps from one side and weight loss camps from the other side have only one thing in common – weight loss.

Despite both types of camps deal with the same problem – extra weight (pounds), they have completely different approaches to reach the same goal – permanent weight loss.

Fat and diet camps – goal is exclusively focused on losing the excess weight (fat), while the weight loss camps also teach you how to keep the lost weight off permanently after the camp is over.

In short weight loss camps help you change your life in a way that you’ll never ever need a weight loss camp again – a major lifestyle change that will help you maintain your normal weight and keep the lost pounds off forever, and the most important thing enjoy your life and forget you’ve ever had a weight problem.

Weight loss camp – who is that for?

Is it only for kids and teens during their summer vacation?

No, of course not, weight loss camps are for people with weight issues from all ages, starting from:

  • pre-teen weight loss camps for girls and boys (age 8-12),
  • teen weight loss camps for girls and boys (age 13-16),
  • pre-collegiate girls and boys (age 17-18),
  • young adults (age from 19 to 21, 25 or 29 depending on different camps)
  • and finally the adult weight loss camps for mature adults (age 30-60+)

Weight loss camps are for all who need and want to lose weight while having fun for the kids and spending great time for the adults.

Weight loss camp program – is it healthy?

Weight loss camps for adults

For all parents and adults with any weight problems, I must say that you should not let only the kids have fun while losing weight – you should try it as well – great vacation, relaxation and lots of fun and great time spent with your new friends.

You’ll never be worried about what you gonna eat, you won’t be hungry at all with all portion controlled low calories meals and snacks carefully planned by the nutritionists and skillfully prepared to meet all your nutrient needs into a healthy  and balanced weight loss program (including vegetarians needs).

You won’t be lying all day long just eating your next meal or snack though, but you’ll have full fitness and exercise programs to follow, being guided by your personal or group certified fitness or aerobic instructor.

Does it sound great? Yes, but probably without the physical part, right? Well, you can’t lose weight without the slightest effort.

Kids and teen weight loss camps

As for the kids and teens they have great variety of activities to choose from – from swimming and playing all types of sports to arts, crafts and even performing arts. Many trips and special events are awaiting your little angels for one great and unforgettable summer spent in a weight loss camp for kids or teens.

Weight loss camps combine benefits and pleasure for successful weight loss, whether short- or long-term weight loss, you are just about to find out in my next post.

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