Weight Loss Test – Will You Be Able to Lose Weight and Keep It Off?

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If you have tried to lose weight too many times so far, with no success, then probably you are not doing something right. Luckily I found an interesting weight loss test you can do in order to find out if you will be able to lose weight and keep it off for good.

With this test you will find out if your dream for slimmer hips and attractive body may come true with less, more or extra efforts from your side.

Answer honestly to the following questions and give 1 point for every “Yes” and 0 points for every “No” you answer.


Q1: Do you exercise regularly?

Q2: Do you know your calorie intake from the foods you eat every day?

Q3: Do you eat often but small portions (5 – 6 times a day)?

Q4: Do you weigh yourself at least once a week?

Q5: Do you always have at hand (mostly at home) diet foods like fruits, vegetables, curds, boiled meat, diet cheese?

Q6: Do you resist the temptation when you are not hungry but someone tempts you to try it anyway?

Q7: DO you keep sweets and other tempting snacks for long at your home or they are being eaten in no time?

Q8: Do you leave some portion of your meal if you are already full?

Q9: Do you dream from time to time for food – some favorite meal of yours?

Q10: How do you feel about yourself at your current diet regime – do you like yourself, do you feel good?


You have less than 3 points:
You must change your lifestyle generally, otherwise you will never lose weight.

You have 4 to 6 points:
You are close to achieving you goal to lose the excess pounds, all you need to do is to emphasize a little bit more on exercises or sports, and be stricter about the foods you eat. Include more healthier foods and losing weight will be easier.

You have 7 to 10 points:
You have strong will and it’ll help you achieve your goals no matter what. Losing weight is not a problem for you, because you are already determined to shed those excess pounds and this time keep them off for good.

One thought on “Weight Loss Test – Will You Be Able to Lose Weight and Keep It Off?

  1. I think we are finally starting to understand what has to go into our weight loss efforts. I think 2010 will change and challenge more mindsets and waistlines! Cheers, Terri